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First Test Cyp Cycle

Hey guy’s I have been on test e 500mg for 7 weeks and feel no different I get a great pump but that’s it. I think I over done the arimidex as I have had achey joints doing 1mg EOD and my sex drive is actually less . Am i over doing the arimidex I started on 0.5mg EOD and got itchy nipples so upped dose. This is my first course and expected some gains?

Jesus Christ 1mg EOD? I bet you got whats been coming around here quite a lot, called Flat Dick. I think you jumped the gun because of some itchy nipples. Do you trust the source of the Test? More than likely if you didnt make gains it is because of training and diet. UGL Test is pretty cheap to produce, so it isnt faked that often.


So brett, did you do any pre or post blood testing?
A 500 mg Test E only cycle was a pretty smart move.
I ask because if you had a very good natty T lvl you might not feel much difference.
Boosting your T lvl does not mean you still don’t have to put the work in at the gym.

What going on at the gym?

That’s what the guy I bought them off. Recommended as i was quite paranoid I started taking nolvadex as recommended too but my joints got achey and realised something was up. I’m an intermediate with plenty to gain but it’s not happening except the parts that I’m not training which come easy. I think gears ok but… Who knows matey is a unit though Cheers

Hrdlvn please explain why I my not feel much as you stated I don’t Have bloods and went blinds as read something similar.

It is really important to know what your natty numbers are.
Because you need to exceed that when you decide to do a cycle.
Lots of shit happens and most of it go away in time without doing anything.
Hormones are just like that.


I was thinking of after today’s 1mg of amex to wait till Monday? I feel like I’m not enjoying steroids cos I feel pissed off and my bird ain’t happy. Any advice be appreciated

Look, If you are on TRT then a low dose of T every week is all you need. But if you are trying to use T to build muscle at the gym well guess what your sex drive will suffer. It is very hard to do both.


Thanks but I live in England and no one I know gets bloods maybe im a fool. I didn’t realise it was this in depth. I read before my course and thought I had an idea . But no. I think crashed my e2 and am unsure of best course

Thanks bro but as it was my first pure testI was expecting to be more horny. As I’m sure if I had the right balance , I would be?

Hi Brett, If you are just playing around then fine. Just know if/when you decide to get serious you can buy private blood test in the UK. If you decide to do this the right way you need natty blood work so you have a starting point. You also need these number when you run a PCT (getting back to natty) after your cycle.

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Itchy nipples are not gyno. They are fairly common when you are using test for the first time.That is significantly too much AI. IF you need it at that dose, your probably going to need something closer to 1/4 pill EOD. Maybe 1/2, but not likely.


I appreciate your advice but in 4 weeks this y course will be over. As I have taken nolva lot during my cycle I’m going for clomid too.and maybe HCG. I’m worried my my p. I take nolva everyday from the start of my cycle to the end of my pct ain’t great Here’s what I’m recommended ‘4 days after I last pin testosterone enanthate I start using my HCG. 1000iu every day for 10 days. on the 10th day of HCG aka 14 days after my last steroid injection I start taking Clomid 5 tabs on the first day. 2 tabs the next 7 days and then 1 tab the 7 days after that. I take nolva everyday from the start of my cycle to the end of my pct’ I trust the fella don’t think he would stitch me I had other options but they don’t do PCT?


You don’t really need the AI at all if you’re on the Nolva. Not for this cycle.

My drive was good before I got warned that I would be like a predator but I’m not at all?


I got advised to take nolva once day once I got itchy nipples. I got achey joints and dropped the nolva now I’m still on the adex. Could this affect my gains?

No mate no test just pure spur of the moment let’s have a go! I train reasonably hard; chest , back , shoulder , legs days. I did go benidorm two weeks ago and basically ate nothing

The adex is causing the problem, that’s what you should have dropped.

You smashed your e2 to pieces, which means almost no gains for you. You need e2. Estradiol is highly anabolic and having a healthy amount is a necessary condition for muscle growth.

Your biggest problem is you listened to a drug dealer about what drugs to take. Motivated reasoning is a bitch. Next time do the research on your own and be a more informed consumer. You’ll be much happier, I assure you.

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I thought so! The guy I bought them off trains and so I thought he would know better than me! I last took arimidex Friday what would you recommend for doseage to being back E2? I appreciate everyone’s advice