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First Test Cyp Cycle


27 yrs. old
12-14% body fat
7 yrs. lifting

running test cyp 250 with hgh 12IU E3D (this most closely mimics adolescent hgh secretion; injecting IM for mesomorphic changes rather than fat loss)

have been running hgh for a month now with moderate strength gains, but massive lean muscle gain and fat loss (during a bulk). the boost in mood and energy is fantastic.

test 250: 125mg 2/wk.
arimidex: 25mg EOD

clomid: 100/50//50/50
nolva: 40/40/20/20

diet: 3500-4000cal/day
protein: 250-300g/day



Where have you read that every three days is the optimal pulsatile rhythm for HGH? Bushidobadboy who used to post here (god rest his T-Nation soul) was one smart mother fucker in the area of human performance, and I could have sworn he espoused frequent daily injections as optimal for GH use. Wanna say something like 3x/day

But I could be wrong. I know little about HGH.

However, one thing I do know quite a bit about is testosterone. And looking at your cycle, I have to wonder why you are shutting your natural production down with only 250 mg/week, since this is barely above what your body makes naturally in the first place.



Smaller freqent doses i beleive. If they can be done IV that would be best for HGH or at least BBB liked that. It mimicks the fast spike and gets a good trough so as to not inhbit normal production


BBB said 10IU E3D, the 10IU split into 3-4 shots on the same day of course. Why doesn't he post here anymore? I actually learned much of what I know about HGH from his posts.

This is my first cycle, which is why I'm doing 250mg/wk. Do you recommend 500mg/wk?

I must also ask about acne. I am afraid my co-workers will be suspicious once my face starts breaking out and my traps explode.


Do you work without a shirt on? Bacne shouldnt be a concern at most jobs.

You probably wont break out like a 15 year old pizza delivery guy from a standard cycle, though I really wouldn't know. I don't see it as a common complaint though.

I either recommend going to 500 mg/week or 0 mg/week. You will probably make gains on HGH alone, but if you want to add test, then 250 is an almost pointless dose to you since HGH doesn't shut down your natural production and 250 is just barely over that.


if the only side you get from your cycle is bacne, I would consider that to be a very good thing!

everybody gets spots


I'm not worrying about bacne as much as acne on my face. I work at a hospital and they are strict about personal hygiene, which is why I wouldn't be able to get away with it for long. Facial breakout can be manageable, but I've had bad acne in the past (before accutane).

You're saying HGH doesn't shut down your natural production of HGH? It doesn't have mcuh of an effect on endogenous HGH production, unless you do it right before you sleep. Is there any special benefit to taking HGH with a test cycle? Do


I was saying HGH doesnt shut down your natural production of Testosterone, which would be the only sensical justification for shutting yourself down for a replacement dose (for example, many guys here have started using replacement dose test with high dose tren, but that is because the tren shuts down natural T production, so the low dose T is used just to keep the status quo--this is not a factor with HGH use).


I understand. I'm going to up my test dose to 500mg/wk., split into two 250mg dosages equally spread apart. I will also raise my arimidex dosage to .5mg EOD, rather than .25mg EOD doubling it just as I am doubling my test supply.

I think I have enough for 10 wks., so I don't think I will be able to have this cycle last longer than that.


Should I take orals?


i don't see why not. Dianabol and anavar are two popular choices.


I'm already 1.5wks. into my cycle. Is it worth it to get Dbol now, something I will probably not receive until my 2nd wk?

I'm ordering more test because I want a longer lasting cycle. I can't seem to find test cyp oils as easily as test e, and they're basically the same so I'm going to do a couple of weeks of test e to end my cycle.

It's too bad I'm running out of HGH. Going to get some more of that stuff too.


you could get the dbol and use that to bridge you up to PCT. That means you'd run it for 4 weeks: The last 2 weeks you're running the test, and the two weeks while the test esters clear.

That's how a lot of people like to run orals. Keeps you gaining right up to PCT.


I'm currently on week 12 of my test cyp cycle. It's going really well. I have a lot left, so I am thinking of extending this into a 15 wk. cycle followed by DBol to bridge into PCT while the esters clear.



Hey man I think your right about the times a day. Rich piana was bangin serostim every so many hours when he competed in the internationals just somthing I wanted to say you all have far more reputable and statistically proven knowledge than i do I just like to listen and learn and talk no disrespect.


dude stop bumping ancient threads