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First Test Cycle?

Ok I was going to run some test and tren but decided to kick the tren out.atleast for now…this would be my first cycle with gear…first the basics…I’m almost 21…6 foot and 177 lbs been lifting since I was a freshman in highschool so about 6 years experience in and out of the gym plys I’ve studied exercise over the years and got certified as a trainer that being said my nutrition and training are spot ob just don’t know crap about gear…anyhow here’s my plan for 14 weeks…

Weeks 1-10
Test E 500mg/week
Anastrozole 1/4 tablet EOD
Clomid 50 mg tab EOD
Week 11
300mg Test E/ week clomid and arimidex the same
Week 12
200 mg test/ week
Clomid to 50 mg daily and arimidex still EOD
Week 13
Arimidex EO3D
Clomid 100 mg day
Week 14
Arimidex still EO3D
clomid 50 mg daily.

What’s everyone think? Tips? Advice?

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I think 6’ 177 lbs is pretty scrawny and there is no way your diet and/or training is on point. If you aren’t eating enough, no amount of AAS are going to help you put on muscle. It will make you more anabolic, but it can’t make protein out of thin air.

But, if you are dead set on doing this, do it this way:

1-12 500mg Test
1-12 .25mg EOD Arimidex, adjusting as needed for itchy nipples/bloat and tapering off before starting PCT


15-16 40mg Nolvadex
17-18 20mg Nolvadex

Arimidex is not used for PCT, and SERMs are not used on cycle. And I have no idea why you think tapering off for 2 weeks is a good plan.

^^^ agree

Yes I’m scrawny but never said I been training and eating since I had interest in training so ofcourse I don’t weigh more…i just have the knowledge to do so and have done it but ive been out of the game for a while and started back 3 months ago…buti got the idea off a site I seen…but I may give your plan a run.