First Test Cycle, When to Start HCG & Arimidex?

What’s up lads, so i’m planning on doing my first cycle of Test E 500 with HCG and I have Arimidex. I’m 162lbs lean Macros are currently at 200P 440C 85F currently bulking but clean. I want to cycle it for 8weeks ( test ) 500ml each week obv split in two days each week (250,250) but once i’m at my 8th week i should start my HCG? and wait 2.5 weeks to start my arimidex ? please clear it up for me. Going to get blood work done first to see where I stand with my Test Levels natural. Thanks

Off topic, but how tall are you? What body fat percentage? 162 is generally pretty light to be cycling, unless you are short and lean. 20 is also pretty young.

If you run this cycle, use an ai only if needed. I would run HCG for 3 weeks, then start PCT. I would ramp up HCG. Week 1 300 iu EOD, and by week 3 500 iu EOD. 8 weeks is also pretty short for a test cycle. What do you plan for PCT?

What does your training look like? Most people think they have it nailed down, but the training is usually pretty poor.

Ok, so i’m 26 years old and have done pretty stupid things in the past lol haven’t we all? I took orals before at a pretty young age that killed test and shot up estrogen lmao horrible idea. this is the era when prohormones were popular and everyone was doing tribol-60 if you’re familiar with that. sorry off topic but I am 162 5’9 , body fat 11%-13% and 26 years old. and the only reason I want to do 8 weeks is because I don’t really want to be on it for that long.

My training is pretty down packed. I do have a coach but he isn’t a coach that has knowledge of roids and stuff he’s a natty coach lol but he has my workout program down packed to the T. Upper Body day 1 , Lower Body day 2 , Push day 3, Rest , Pull day 5 , day 6 lower body , day 7 push , then rest the next day 1 so basically alternating rest days 6 day workout program. For strength and lean gains!

I don’t know where the fuck I got 20 years old.

I would advise trying to get a bit bigger first. I don’t know what you look like or what your genetics are like, so I could be off base. How much progress have you made in the last year?

I am guessing you didn’t want that speach, but I try to tell people what they should hear.

The impact of going 12 weeks vs 8 is fairly minimal. You will almost for sure be fully shut down after 8. IMO, the risk vs reward for 12 is better, but ymmv.

If I was to go 8 weeks, I would run short ester test like test prop. You can get good results in 8 with prop, but you would have to pin EOD, and it hurts a lot worse from what I’ve heard (I’ve only used test c and e). If I was doing this, I would add anavar or tbol to get more results. Those orals won’t complicate things much. I would run those the last 6 weeks. With those two, I might push it to 8 weeks if the dosage was lower. Just to state this again, this is what I would do, not what you should do.

what do you think about arimidex as a good pct. I can’t find nolva :frowning:

Don’t do that. You should have nolva or clomid. Wait until you have one of those items.

Rodger that !

one more question is HCG come in a powder form and liquid ?

Should come in a vial as a powder, then you mix it with bacteriostatic water. Some come with both vials. If not you will have to get a vial of bacteriostatic water.