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First Test Cycle, Prop and Enan

Ive been told to run this cycle, any thoughts?

1-4 Prop 50mg eod
1-5 Enan 125mg e4d
5-16 Enan 250mh e4d

Its a light test cycle. I see you are trying to use the prop to get things moving a little faster. I’ve never tried that but I’m sure somebody could jump in and comment. Test only cycles are good starter cycles. Make sure you have your PCT in hand before you start.

I would just say stick to the most popular beginners cycle which is Test E 500mg per week (250mg Mon & 250mg Thurs) weeks 1-12 then Nolva 40/40/20/20 weeks 14/18 it’s worked for everyone before & I think it’s because its the best way to get you involved in anabolics one small step at a time