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First Test Cycle, Please Help Me Plan It



I’m 20 years old,178cm,95kg not sure of my body fat percentage but my abs aren’t visible. Ive been training for 3 years on and off because of exams but last 6 months continuous and I’m planing to keep going. I understand that anabolics are only the icing on the cake and Im on a keto diet and train 5-6 days a week. I plan on taking my first test e cycle after some research. I took dbol twice first cycle I gained 13kg, 9 of which I kept and second was a very low dose 20mg a day 3 weeks gained 3kg and kept them. No pct was used in both. With test I’m a bit more scared my balls will shrink and of gyno.

An experienced pro trainer suggests I use 250mg for 8 weeks though I’m thinking 500mg. What do u think?

I want to take hcg 500ui/w from week 1 split 250-250 the problem is I can only get 5000ui ampules and I don’t know how to store it. The trainer suggested I take hcg after my cycle 5000ui shot week 1, 500ui shot week 2 right after I stop test. What should I do?

I heard a myth that hcg on cycle limits gains, any truth behind it?

Aromadex is expensive where I live so I plan on having nolva on hand in case I have any signs of gyno.

Pct 2 weeks after last shot. 10 days nolva 80. 10 days 40. 10 days 20. What do u think .

Please note I have mild ulcerative colitis and take 4g/d of pentasa (mesalazin )

Should I stop my keto diet and eat in excess while on cycle?

Should I take liv52 on cycle?


get that bodyfat down first


Juicing now would be a total waste of time. TBH, you’re probably close to 25 percent body fat - that means you should lose at least ten kg before running a cycle (that would put you at 15%, 12% would be better). Get some calipers, or a scale, instead of steroids, get down to around 12%, then think about a cycle, maybe.


See other sticky links in the 2nd post of this forum’s first topic.


Problem is I’m finding it very hard to lose weight that I thought maybe if I bulk up it’d be eaisier to lose… Problem is my diet I can’t find one that’s working


Try My Fitness Pal, it’s a phone app. Put in your numbers, set your goal at a pound a week, decide on some macros (40/30/30 is decent to start), and then log everything you eat. Start some LISS cardio three times a week.

Diet is easy - eat less than you burn. You can do that eating Twinkies - just don’t eat too many. Eventually you’ll want to eat right, but for starters, just eat less than you burn.


Ok I’ll try that, thank u


My trainer got me injectable ephedrine hcl which I inject 25 mg of preworkout in subcutaneous belly fat , is it worth it?


im no expert but ive done steroid and ended up with low t and losing alot of gains…

Id be concerned about your training… are you training hard enough? or are you slacking off and maybe thats why your not seeing the results you want? whats your training like? i wouldnt fuck with ephedrine untill your trying to lose the last bit of weight but im just a noob.

But i do know that having 25% body fat is dangerous because fat causes the testosterone to aromatise. so for sure for sure get that body fat down i wish i did when i started juicing!

im all natural now and i train all the time… my testosterone levels are still low and i might go on trt so make sure you know what your doing with gear

as for HCG it can desensitize the testicles so that they wont produce testosterone after when your body produces LH. Its said that low doses are safer, do your research man and best of luck to you!

I also believe diligence in training is a big part of successful steroid cycles… so make sure you have your training in order.