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First Test Cycle, Planning Way Ahead

Im new to the forum, so If I am not posting correctly please let me know.
I am 21 years old, still natural, but I am planning for a solid cycle likely around the age of 23 as I have definitely not reached my full potential.
I started training at age 16, but looking back, I trained like a bitch and my nutrition was less than optimal. From age 18-current, diet and training have been proper (ie: meal prep, counting macros, multiple strict cuts and clean bulks) with various experimentations in training style. I am just under 5’9". Started at 118lbs skinnyfat (~16%bf), and am now hovering just above 160 at ~10%bf although i am 4 weeks into a bulk so it will slowly go up.

I have read numerous articles and scientific studies on AAS and general pharmacology, but would greatly appreciate any advice for a proper and safe first cycle.

This is not necessarily what I will be taking, but a general idea of a simple and short cycle.

-Test P
-(Thinking about D-Bol and Primo)
For PCT, I was thinking HCG as test clears the system, then running nolvadex 40/40/20/20/10
I have a boatload of pharma Arimadex which i would be using on cycle.

If you made it this far into the post, I am open to all opinions and advice. Thanks!

Good for you for doing your research and seeking feedback from a trusted forum. Also good for you for waiting until you reach your potential clean - that’s how it should be done.
Stick to test and possibly Anavar for your first cycle. Test the water first and see, and use Test E rather than prop.
Start with 500mg Test E per week for 12 weeks
40-60mg anavar for the first 8 weeks of your cycle
arimadex 0.5mg every 3rd day and adjust up accordingly if needed
I would do HCG 250iu twice per week from week 2/3 throughout the whole cycle, not just the end and then continue 4 weeks post cycle paired with the nolvadex as you planned.
Also add 2 full bottles of Alpha Male in your PCT
If you want to post pics in my forum I can give you more details but this should get you going!

Thanks a ton, I appreciate the quick response. Totally slipped my mind, but that was also the plan to run HCG throughout the cycle to protect the boys. The original plan was to do Test E, as i have a Doctor that would prescribe it to me, but as I am young and worries about shutdown, I was looking to keep the first cycle short and sweet with Test P for 6-10 weeks.

When I was 18 I had a pretty bad Crohns flare and a doctor prescribed me Test cream and arimadex as my body was under a lot of stress and caused my endocrine system to take a step back. Long story short, I was only on it for a month or so at low trt doses (so obviously no gains or performance enhancements), but coming off I experienced some pretty harsh depression along with limpdick, worsening gyno, and most of the other low T symptoms. He prescribed clomid and progesterone(already had adex) which seemed to help and eventually after a few months I normalized and feeling great. One thought is i probably got crazy shutdown as he totally fucked my estro by prescribing Arimadex at 1MG A DAY. This was before any research so I just went with it.

So hopefully if i stick to 400-500mg test and dont push it for more than 9-10weeks, with a proper PCT, recovery will be a breeze even compared to just a few weeks on trt cream.

  • One more thing. Any thoughts on one blast of GnRh, once the test clears the system, then using HCG with Nolva for the remainder of PCT? I have read some very interesting studies on GnRh’s effectiveness as a one time use for normalizing endocrine function. Not set on it, just curious what your thoughts or any others think about it. Thanks again for looking out.

I’m not a big fan of peptides myself - I have seen studies both for and against. I think your normal PCT is your best best but it wont hurt you to try if you’re set on it.
Try it by itself and then move on to your normal PCT - some of these interact with each other.

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