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First Test Cycle PCT?

Hi all,

Just coming to the end of my first Test E cycle. 10 weeks. 600mg Test E a week. 0.5mg Arimidex EOD.

I was planning on waiting two weeks from my last jab then starting Nolvadex 40/40/20/20.

Questions, does this sound okay? Should I be using Clomid aswell? Do I need to keep running arimidex EOD?


No need for the higher doses. Just take 20mg. And do it for longer, 6-8 weeks.

Taper down your adex dose in week 12 as test runs out, then stop use when you start PCT. Stick with the nolva and leave clomid alone.

I’m old school when it comes to PCT and actually think the 40/40/20/20 method works just fine, although there’s certainly no harm in stretching it out longer.

Thanks for the advice man. When you say taper down adex do you mean keep taking 0.5 mg EOD for week 11 and 12 and then stop?

Yer going to go 40/40/20/20 as I’m heading abroad 6 weeks post cycle and don’t really want to take pills with me.

In week 12 you can drop to 0.25 EOD for your last couple doses then stop. Full disclosure - I’m on TRT, but if I had to PCT that is how I’d do it, just to match your falling test levels and avoid crashing E2.