First Test Cycle PCT Evaluation

Hey guys just finished my first cycle 8 weeks of Test C @ 500mg, results have been fantastic. its been 2 weeks since my last shot, lost some weight and strength but significant results still stand… main side effect is fat gain, will jump on some carderine to trim up later. Please evaluate my pct… thanks (Started taking nolva and clomid today)
Magnesium / Zinc / Vitamin D ed
Nolva 40/40/20/20 ed
Clomid 50/50/25/25 ed
Arimidex… will taper off during pct from 1mg eod / 0.5 eod / 0.25eod
I feel like im recovering quicker because im young (21) and kept my cycle short… balls have been growing back since week 2 of cessation.

RIP your e2

Not the case… im really e2 sensitive so the dosage checks out

You’re going to take 3.5mg of anastrozole while you’re off of exogenous testosterone. I want to know the reasoning behind that.

While we’re at it, I want to know why you ran a short cycle with a long ester. And why you ran a cycle at 21. Aside from the one answer that I already know. I am interested in your process here.

I’m going to gradually taper off within the first week didn’t mean weekly my bad… I don’t think you need to run long first cycles, 8 weeks with test c did me just fine contrary to popular belief. I’ll throw up a post after pct about my experiences and results, I jumped on cycle for all the wrong reasons but again I’ll elaborate once I’m done with pct. Do I wish I waited longer? Yeah. Stay tuned if your interested
Regardless of this stuff how does the clomid and nolva look?

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You can probably get away with just the Nolva, run at the dosage you have planned. But if you want to run the Clomid too that’s perfectly fine. Dosage for Clomid looks good as well.

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