First Test Cycle, Need Some Tips

Hey all, new user here. I recently finished a 10 week cycle of Test-E. I’ve been off of it for two weeks, waiting for my PCT to come. The site I got it off of was a scam, so I’m not sure what to do. Would it be best to start another cycle in a few weeks rather than risk going any longer without a PCT? Your experience is appreciated.

Alright I feel obligated to say a few things first. You should have done your homework before starting this journey with AAS. If you had you would have seen it stated over and over again to always have all necessary items IN HAND BEFORE you start and that includes PCT.

You are currently dealing with the exact reason everyone says have everything before you start.

Lesson learned, now what.

I would not start another cycle especially for the reason of not having PCT. The longer you are on the harder it is to recover. Plenty of guys don’t even bother with PCT, I do not recommend this. You need to try and find some. There are domestic suppliers but they will be more expensive than foreign. You can ask the big guy at the gym, remember this is risky and most people will try to take advantage. You can look for research chemicals this route could possibly be your best bet for quickest service to your door.

No matter what you do if you go the online route then take the time to go look for reviews. I am not talking about reviews on the webpage you order from. I am talking about a third party forum that allows reviews. Remember most people only take the time to bitch so if a site has nothing but glowing reviews then they are probably fake. I try to go with around 80% decent reviews, and people bitching about it taking to long are usually new to the game and do not understand. Since you are time sensitive to get PCT this route is kind of a last resort.

How far are you from a national border? I do not know about Canada but in Mexico I can get whatever I want in the pharmacy. All you need is your driver’s license and birth certificate to cross. Of course then you have to deal with crossing back with it.

I think you need to spend the next few days online identifying potential research chemicals and or domestic suppliers.

Remember with test E you probably have up to 30 days before your synthetic levels are so low that it is an issue. So starting PCT late is not as bad as it might seem. At 30 days after your last shot you still have about an eighth of the shot left in you and that’s does not count what is left over from the shots prior to your last shot. You have a window before you will be in a dangerous low testosterone state but you need to act so you can have the proper support to recover natural production.


Thanks man, your advice is much appreciated. It’s good to hear that I’m not screwed yet :laughing: my friend ordered some research chemicals for his PCT, I’ll probably end up getting what he got. Thanks again