First Test Cycle Log

Hey, I just want to share my experience about this first cycle I just started. I did oral cycles before but decided to be a big boy and go injectable.

I am following the newbie cycle and following a very simple protocol.

Cycle Plan
W 1-10 Test Enth 250mg E3D
W 1-12 Adex 0.5mg E3D
W 1-12 Proviron 50 mg ED

Followed by PCT.

I just did my 2nd injection today.
I must stay that the first one got me pretty worried, I had absolutely no pain the first day but during the first night, I kept waking up to check my leg for swelling/redness whatever. Nothing happened but I was so nervous!!!

Got some pain in my tight for 2 days but nothing I couldn’t shake off.
My blood pressure went through the roof at end of day 2 so I am taking 10mg of Linosopril and that’s keeping me at a healthy 12/9 most of the day.

I’ll keep updating and thank you so much for this great community,

A quick update, I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night. I had with throbbing sensation on the back and side of my head. Although blood pressure was in check.
Finally was able to get to sleep and woke this morning feeling much better but I am getting a mild constant feeling at the back of my head. No pain though but clearly I am aware of that part of my body that I normally do not think about.

Does this happen to anybody else?