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First Test Cycle Log


last night i did my very first pin of my 10 week test e cycle. everything went smoothly i have stealth lab test so i was kind of worried about getting it from the sachets to the vial sterile. everything went great got 5ml out of 1 sachet and even spilled alittle so im sure next time ill be able to get 6 ml.

no pain in my leg today, everyone that commented about stealth says it hurts but i have had no pain yet!. still doing crossfit football and strength training. im throwing two body building routines in a week one upper body and one lower but so i can still have tight definition. diet is on point, cant wait till i can start to feel the improvements.


Good luck! You should see some results after 4-5 weeks.

How's your PCT? Do you have an AI?


Post cycle just Sticking to a small classic pct of 20/20/10/10 nolva and 50/50/25/25 clomid I have liquidex on hand at .25 a day


OS, I'm on week 4 right now on my first 10week cycle... all i can say is awesome! haha. Eating very clean and have very little water retention. Pumped my adex to .5mg EOD, due to sensitive nipps. Just really starting to get the strength increases now...


thats awesome i just looked at your profile it looks like were running basically the same cycle except im not running the hcg this cycle. im going to front load my next three pins to 500mg a pin instead of 250mg and from then on finish out with 250mg.. im excited man keep me updated im real interested in hearing how you do!


I'm on week 2 of my first cycle. Test e, hcg, and adex, with a little dbol thrown in towards the end when my meet is coming up. I've got UGL stuff too, and the knotting at my injection sites is pretty bad :confused: either you got lucky, or you're a whole lot better at pinning yourself than I am.

I frontloaded my first shot with 600mg, then 300mg twice a week thereafter. I'll be poking my head in here to see how you're doing.


that sucks about the injection im doing my cycle with my friend so we pin each other. i guess that could be the reason. are you feeling anything yet


Just did shot #4 on wednesday, need to start the hcg this sunday.

Not feeling much yet, but I have noticed some effects. My appetite and, strangely, my digestion have both improved noticeably this week. I'm up 5lbs, but I've been taking 50mg dbol 3x/week an hour before I train, and the bloat is apparent. I am definitely stronger, and I'm not getting sore, even though I completely destroyed my upper body this week. No sides so far, not even acne.

My buddy says next week (week 3) is when I will really start feeling it. I can't wait to squat this saturday, but I'm a little worried about getting my gear on with the bloat.

are you shooting twice a week?


That's good your not feeling fatigued. I'm doing two shots a week I just did my second shot. Im front loading so the ahot I just took was 500mg an the next one will be also. After that it's going back down to 250mg a shot. I don't feel any different yet and no side effects also. I just started taking liquidex yesterday at .25 EOD so I'm hoping to stay as dry as possible..


I'm taking my adex 0.125mg ED, but even taking dbol pre-workout is making me retain quite a bit of water... oh well, not a big deal.

I should have frontloaded my first two shots, but I knotted up so bad after shooting 2cc's in my first shot that I didn't want to push another 2cc into the other glute. I should have just done it, I seem to knot up no matter what I do.


I havnt knotted up yet but after my injections I feel like I got kicked in the leg.. But I guess that's the name of the game were in. Have you had any side effects yet... And when you train do you feel any more aggressive..


Immediately after your injections? I feel kinda like I've been stabbed with a needle by a clumsy amateur for about 24 hours :), sometimes I have a weird sensation running down my leg 10 minutes to an hour after the shot, then right when the pain from the bruising dissipates, about 24 hours post injection, the knot starts to form and really sucks for about 2 days.

I may be noticing some sides. My sex drive is through the roof, although that's not really out of the ordinary. I just feel better all around - more assertive, less stressed, maybe even a little sharper focus. The dbol definitely has noticeable sides, but only from about 1 to 8 hours after a dose - more fluid retained, more aggression, mild shortness of breath, mild headaches (I think from the rise in blood pressure). Taking that stuff for 3 straight weeks is going to be interesting, though I think it will be a lot better in divided doses. On the other hand, I PR'd on pretty much every upper body accessory Thursday, did about 25% more volume than usual, and wasn't even a little sore the next day.

The guy who is walking me through this says that if he pushes too much test, he's a monster in the gym, but gets so lazy that he doesn't want to walk to his mailbox. I'm starting to notice a little of that - the 25 minute walk to my lab is starting to get pretty daunting, but that's also because walking with a knot in your glute = constant pain.

I really need to figure out how to pin myself so I don't knot up. I'm afraid it might be the gear itself, but my buddy said he would swap me bottles so we can check that.


man that sucks bad..i got sore with my first two injections but then i started reading up on it and i was injecting to fast. now when i pin i inject it real slow ,1cc takes me almost 90 seconds! now i don't feel a thing. no knots no pain nothing I'm pretty excited because the first two injections sucked ass. I'm not noticing any side except I'm always hungry now lol.

I'm starting to feel like i have more energy but I'm pretty sure for now its all in my head. my next injection will be my fourth and its back down to 250 mg for the duration of my cycle. i think the Arimidex is helping me stay solid cause I'm not getting any bloat yet. I'm somewhat stronger in the gm but nothing crazy... let me know how the switch of the gear went..try injecting slower it works..


Just did #6 yesterday. Definitely starting to feel it. The adex is still keeping me dry also. I'm taking 0.125mg ED, and 0.25mg on training days (because of the dbol).

Still on the same vial, still getting knots. I'm pretty sure it's my gear. The vials sat in my fridge for about a year while I was getting my life in order (leaving a stressful job, getting married, etc) and one of them has definitely crashed - there's visible particulate. My guy will trade me for some newer vials and re-filter those, so hopefully that will help a lot.

Also when my guy showed me where to pin, he did it way too low, probably 2 inches down from the dorsogluteal spot. When I actually hit the spot, the knot is the same size but significantly less painful.

I take about 20s to do 1cc, I hate to go slower, because I don't have a particularly steady hand and I read that having the needle moving around in the muscle is really not good. I need to pin in a spot where I can hold the syringe with one hand and push with the other, which has to be either quad or ventrogluteal. I'm gonna have a nurse friend show me how to find the vg spot this weekend. I'm scared to do quads bc if I knot up, I doubt I'll be able to walk. I have go to give my glutes a break though, so if vg doesn't go well, my next experiment will 0.5cc in each delt with an insulin pin.

Pinned hcg for the first time yesterday - the boys had been down to about 70% of their original size, and they are back up to 90% about 12 hours later.


Still going strong except for this little hiccup over the weekend:


I doubled my previous best squat - how are you feeling?


That sucks it seems like your having the worst time with pinning. Everything has been great with me no sides yet I'm on day sixteen. I'm very prone to gyno I have a small lump still from puberty so I'm getting real paranoid about them growing... Some tenderness so I upped the liquidex to .2 everyday seems to be working great I'm up ten pounds and still solid no bloating.. All my weights are going up and I feel great... My boys only shrunk alittle but nothing noticeable. I still feel like it hasn't kicked in yet.Let me know how the new gear you get works out