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First Test Cycle - Fearing Acne

Hi, new to the forum and got loads of question about cycling. Before that a bit about me:

25 years old, 5ft9inch, 82kg bw, 15% ish body fat, ectomorph, 7 years of training (3 times a week, low cardio -just sprints, high intensity weight lifting -5x5), average/good lifting technique, getting to learn clearn-jerks and snatches. Lifts 1rm: 115kg bench press, 160kg squat, 200kg deadlift. My blood work levels are in range.

I’m still natural and planning to do my first cycle… only one problem… acne.
In my teen i used to suffer asthma and for that the doctor prescribed me a very strong drug, prednisone. She gave it to me every time i would feel sick or could not breath properly (for about 3-4 years) until another doctor explained that it’s a very bad drug and should not be taken too for too long.
So after about a year the fist side effect showed up. Acne, mostly on my face and left a lot of scars.
After about 2 years from that the scars “healed” or where not looking to bad and was ok with it.

For my fist cycle i initially planned this:

week 1-9 Testo Enanthale
250mg T twice a week
250 iu of HCG twice a week(next day of testo injection)
0.5mg of Letrozole every other day → Keep estradiol level good

week 10-12 Testo Propinate
100mg T three times a week
250 iu of HCG - monday and wednesday only
0.5mg of Letrozole every other day

week 12 Testo Propinate
100 mg T monday and wednesday
0.5mg of Letrozole tuesday and thursday only

week 14-18 PCT
nomore aspirine
1 soft gels of Omega 3 fish oil
one full pill of Letrozole first day
300mg Clomid first day
30mg Clomid daily for 30days
100mg Nolvadex first day
30mg Nolvadex daily for 30 days

As now during lockdown i got plenty of time i researched and researched, and fear the side effects. Acne in particular.

I’m not planning on going on stage and competing it would be just to be and look stronger and finally increase my 1rms.

I know Clomid is just used for pct or testo replacement treatments, but would it make sense to use it alone as “help” for performance. Anybody did any “cycle” with it? Or you can just keep taking it everyday (doubt it but i’m new to this things and not tested anything on myself yet)

What you guys thing? Should i just stop being a snowflake and go and live with the plus and minus of testo cycle?

Guh. No. That will keep your estradiol level nonexistent.

Scrap every single one of these. They have no basis in science at all and you’re actively seeking out unpleasant side effects for no tangible benefit. Pct is as easy as Nolva 20mg/d for six weeks. That’s it. No convoluted up front dosing scheme necessary.


You didn’t research enough. Good thing you found this forum as your planned cycle isn’t very good. Stick to 500mg of test per week (2 x 250mg injections) and that’s it until PCT, which as @iron_yuppie said can be 6 weeks of 20mg/day of Nolvadex. Use this first cycle to see how testosterone, and only testosterone, affects you.

IMO acne is the least worrisome side effect of steroids, but to each their own. If you’re worried at all, maybe steroids aren’t right for you.


No. Can you get anything besides letro for e2? It’s reeeeeaaalllllly strong

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Ok will do testo only + 6 week on Nolvadex as @iron_yuppie suggested and see what results i get and any side effects. I will probably start in at the end of april (gym here open on the 12th)
Will research more on Clomid alone as enhancer (won’t give me the same boost as testo but it’s something to try)

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Clomid monotherapy is a thing that some doctors use instead of trt. It’s pretty effective, but comes with some risks. Look into enclomiphene instead. That’s the single drug (trans-isomer) instead of clomid (cis-isomer) and it has much lower side effects. It’s like they took the nasty part of Clomid and stripped it out while leaving the effective part.

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I haven’t read any Clomid-only success stories on this forum, the side effects may counter any benefit you get.

Follow Yuppie’s advice and see if you can get the alternative

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@iron_yuppie cheers mate and the others for the knowledge.
Researched a bit about enclomiphene and seems to be a stronger estrogen antagonist as you said.

Thought i did quite some research but was wrong. Will search more on the forum too and might be back with more question.

I think most people confuse research with reading other peoples posts on forums about what they did. If they did it and it appeared to work out ok, research complete lol