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First Test Cycle (E) Advice

Hi everyone!

Im new to this forum, but here are my stats - looking to do my first cycle! I competed naturally back in April, and did well, but am looking to compete IFBB

22 years old
Training for 4+ years

Weeks 1-10 250mg test E E3D
W 1-12 Arimidex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)
Week 12-16 Clomid 50,50,25,25

Some questions I have

  1. How does this cycle look? PCT seem correct?
  2. I obviously want to have nolva, but am confused if I would use during cycle, PCT, or both?

Thank you so much for any help you can give!

You will never be IFBB if the best you can manage is 165 lbs at 10+ percent bodyfat naturally. Particularly if it took you 6 years to get to that point.

You can use nolva to reduce gyno if it develops during your cycle, at 20mg/day until gyno subsides. You can also replace the clomid with Nolva, at half the dose. Do not use both together. Nolva is preferred by most.

Both nolva or comid are good options, nolva is just preferred more due to less sides compared to clomid. Clomid will help you keep more gains after cycle but will make pct harder as apposed to Nolva which will strip a good 20% of your gains but keep you more sane.

arimedex should be enough, since you are only doing 500mg per week of test E you will be fine however to compete at IFBB level unless you have godly genetics already you will need a way better beefier cycle and atleast running 1g+ per week… 500mg is just a starter cycle for noobs or people that want to do it safe.

Thank you so much for your advice! appreciate it mates

If you want to take it to limit physique wise is a lot of hard work , generics,diet, drugs, training. The best teacher’s are not always best built guys. I would research a guy like Rich Gaspari as he did more with his genetics than any one in bodybuilding, he made like second or third in olympia in mid late eighties. He is still jacked at 50 plus , as far as drugs go it is a different game now. I will tell you a friend of my buddy, won NPC texas eighties , got recruited by the *eiders moved out to California wanted to win olympia, anyway he had a place to stay, food provided, as well as the stuff needed to compete at that level, and a regimen of drugs. Anyway the amount of stuff needed to compete at olympia stage turned him away as he didnt want to pin at least 3 timed a day, and take 50 pills a day, and that is a guy with excellent genetics, he could bench 450 at 5’10 190 natural. But most of us on this forum want to be big as fuck go for it, i have noticed one thing about looking at pros when they were young and natural , is symmetry and then they throw on 80 pounds of muscle.

Those stats are terrible! Maybe if you said you were 6-8% at that ht and wt you’d have some modest credibility. Currently you can be considered as fat / skinny
Drugs are no miracle. You need to learn how to eat and train if you want to compete. Currently you have NO clue wtf you are doing
Seriously! You’ll only make mediocre gains using drugs.