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First Test Cycle Dosage: Double Bodyweight mg?

I’m halfway through my msten. After a period of rest I plan on doing my first test cycle. I’ve read some people do double their lean body weight. I’m 23 weight 170 my lean weight 150. So for me this would be 300mg. My friend who is getting for me said I should take at minimum 500mg and that I naturally make 300 so that wouldnt fo anything. Advice on dosage please.

Your friend is both right and wrong. 500 is the standard first cycle dose. But I doubt you’re making 300/w naturally.

You should consider waiting a bit longer though. 23 is a little young to start. Just my opinion though.

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Another question. I’ve always heard to take nolvadex after cycle but same friend told me not to and you only take it if you think you have gyno. What’s your opinion?

Don’t listen to your friend.


On cycle you typically only take Nolvadex if there is gyno. The preferred method of estrogen control on cycle is an Aromatase Inhibitor like arimidex or aromasin. An AI attacks the enzyme that turns test into Estrogen.

For PCT it or clomid is necessary.

I urge you to always research any choice you have to make in this steroid world. Your buddy sounds like one of the guys that use to use steroids in the 90s. They didn’t bother with PCT back then.

Thanks for the information. So armidex on cycle. Clomid during pct. Should I take a test booster for pct, if so what is your preference? Would a doctor give me hcg if I asked for it?

I did some editing and didn’t catch that I did not clearly state it is Nolvadex or clomid for PCT.
Most guys prefer Nolvadex. Clomid makes some guys react and per mg Nolvadex is a stronger binder and thus blocker.

Test booster, those are basically snake oil. You pay dollars per dose for pennies worth of ingredients. There are a few supplements out there that do return some results but almost all of them are marginal benefits if any at all when it comes to testosterone levels. If there was something that made your body spit out 10% more test then everyone would use it and there would be a world wide shortage. Now when it comes to giving your body extra of what it needs to get a given job done then that supplementation is going to allow you to hopefully get a little more out of whatever. So something like extra zinc during PCT or just whenever natural is going to help some. But those boosters that claim 150% more free testosterone are using skewed numbers to back up their claims. Or there is something they are not telling you, like the test subject was coming off a cycle and using a SERM along with their product and the SERM was doing all the work.

If there is stuff you want to take then go online and find it as a solitary supplement not in a mix, that should be the most cost effective way to get it. Plus you won’t be buying stuff you don’t want just to get the one you do want.

HCG, I have heard enough guys claim to be on a script for it but I doubt they go to a general practitioner here in the states. I would be careful about asking the doctor because he will ask you why you think you need it and then the whole steroid use gets marked in your folder. You can find HCG fairly cheap online but of course it’s only cheap if you can spread the shipping cost over a few kits. Do any of your friends cycle? I would try one of those HCG diet sites for a good price, also those pharmacy sites out of India should be cost effective.

23 is young and what are your stats and big lifts? Height? bf?

6’0 170lbs bench is 190. I’ve never maxed out on anything else. I weighed 135 forever and got up to 155 on my own and pretty much stopped gaining. It’s hard for me to gain fat or muscle. I’ve gained 15lbs on msten but considering liver toxicity and crazy blood pressure once I’m done I’ll probably never take it again.

I know you taking this advice is a long shot… but your stats and post remind me of myself when I was 23/24 years old. I swore up and down I was a “hard gainer”. I was 135lbs and worked my ass off at the gym for a year with slow progress. I was always sub 10% body fat. I finally started paying attention to my macros and realizing I simply wasn’t eating enough, and I was doing TOO much at the gym. Too much cardio, too many drop sets, and also realized that 5x5 type training did my body very little good in terms of aesthetics.

I ended up putting on 50lbs, naturally, never getting fat, never losing my abs. It can be done, naturally, without the risks and potential headache you are about to possibly take on.

Get your diet and training on track, stop relying on compounds to fix what you are probably lacking in diet and training. Once the gains truly slow, then maybe consider it. For heaven sake, you’re not even benching over 200lbs, you are not ready.