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First Test Cycle Critique

Stats: 21 years old, 190lb, 12% body fat, been training and eating very consistently for 6 years now. I have pretty low test levels for my age (~350) and at this point would like to try my first legit cycle. My goals are to gain as much muscle as I can without becoming a fat slob in the process. Obviously I expect a significant amount of fat gain though considering how easily I put on fat (I have never really been below 11-12% body fat even with intense diet/cardio/etc.). Because of that I almost wonder if turning this into more of a recomp keeping calories more moderate would net me about the same muscle gains and less hassle compared to if I bulked up harder but then had to cut to lose the fat Iâ??ve gained, and thus lose some of the new muscle in the process. Any thoughts on that are appreciated.

Anyway Iâ??m going to be starting in may after my spring semester ends. I know the typical recommendation is ~500mg/wk for 8 weeks or so but since I have 2 vials of Test E 250mg/ml I was thinking of doing a 250mg injection every 3rd day, which would make the total 5000mg last 8 weeks and 4 days, averaging 583mg/week of Test E. I have no idea when my next cycle would be so Iâ??d rather not waste 1000mg of it by just doing the 500mg/week for 8 weeks.

I have done one designer steroid cycle before and even though it had a weak AI and apparently no or only 1 aromatizable compound in it my E was 370 six days into the cycle (and even before the cycle I later found out it was 156 with the top of the range being 130 so clearly I have some estrogen issues in addition to my naturally low test for my age) so Iâ??m thinking at the very least a moderate dose of AI is necessary. I have always had slightly puffy nipples except when theyâ??re contracted due to cold, for example, but I did not seem to get any extra/real gyno from the DS cycle.

Weeks 1-8.5: Test E 583mg
Weeks 1-4: Super-DMZ (20mg Superdrol + 20mg Dimethazine)

Weeks 1-10.5: 0.5mg Arimidex ED
Weeks 1-5: Liver care
Weeks 10.5-14.5: Nolva 40/40/20/10
Weeks 13.5-15.5: Arimidex 0.5mg ED/0.25mg ED/0.25 EOD

I have heard good things about the super-dmz and itâ??s the only oral I have on hand, I figured it would be a good kickstart since it would probably take 3 weeks or so to notice the Test E anyway.

I have read a few conflicting things on when exactly to start PCT and whether or not an AI for another 2 weeks or so after nolva to prevent E rebound is necessary, so if anyone has any thoughts on that as well Iâ??d love to hear it. Iâ??ve also been hearing a number of good things regarding aromasin over arimidex, although Iâ??m admittedly a little more confident about the quality of my sources arimidex than his aromasin.