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First Test Cycle and PCT, Input Needed


Hey everyone, just wanting some input on my first cycle and pct protocol.Below is a layout of the schedule.

W1-W10: Test E (500mg) split into two pins per week
W1-W12: Exemestane (0.5mL) taken every other day
W13: Triptorelin (100mcg)
W13-W14: Tamoxifene Citrate (40mg) taken every day
W15-W16: Tamoxifene Citrate (20mg) taken every day

So my main questions are these: Should I start using the AI so soon into the cycle? And how long should I continue to use it after my cycle before starting my pct? Also, should I use Triptorelin as part of my pct protocol? I’m just trying to make sure my pct will make recovery quick. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


Try milligrams, 0.5ml is meaningless

Large amounts of SERM are simply wrong, but common in bro-space.

Clomid 40mg ED will take LH/FSH very high, causing very high T inside the testes and very high amounts of T–>E2 inside the testes where Exemestane may have limited effect, anastrozole simply cannot work there. High LH may desensitize the LH receptors, then you finish PCT and two things happen, you get estrogen rebound and and the testes see rising E2 and E2 exposed because SERM not screening E2 that may have been high all along and LH drops way down and the testes now see a signal of dropping LH and high E2 and you expect what to happen with possibly LH receptors that have become less responsive?

You want to use a SERM dose that creates normal LH/FSH levels so the testes do not see a go slow signal at the end of PCT when your testes are meant to start carrying the load. Similarly, hCG doses should not be high, 250-350iu EOD is all that should be used. Combining SERM+hCG or stacking SERMs is absolutely wrong.

It seems impossible to reverse this kind of more is better approach. The fact that some survive this shit does not make it right. Some do not do well and these PCT doses are needlessly harmful. I get to see some wreckage at the T-replacement forum and have some good HPTA restart info there with application to PCT.