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First Test Blast Advice?

Hi guys, being doing some research and would like to try to do a Test blast to help with some lean mass gains. I am 5’9, 175lbs with 12% Fat. I have been on 120mg of TRT split twice weekly and 1/4 Tablet of Arimidex twice weekly for about 4 years now. I was looking to try something moderate such as 300mg Test blast weekly with 1/2 tablet of Arimidex twice weekly. Any advice or other recommendations? I am also going to up my calories to 3,000, I used an online calculator, is this too low for any gains? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It really depends on what your goals are, if you only want to put on a bit of mass for something different then 300mg p/w is fine, but if you really want to throw on some size then run the standard 500mg p/w. Only up your AI if you need to, listen to your body and do your research on high e2 sides.
Your calories are really dependent on your lifestyle, if your quite sedentary 3000 will be fine to put on weight, if your quite active then maybe not. Again it comes back to what your goals are, if you really want the size run the 500mg and aim to put on at least 500g a week.

You’ve been on trt for four years and haven’t blasted yet? Many, you’re like a unicorn. I’m impressed you made it that long.

Like deanis said, cant go wrong with 500/w. That’s a great starting point and you should see some serious gains if you train hard and eat enough.

Deanis and iron thanks for advice! I did a cut this year and lost 60lbs so i was always too overweight in the past to do a blast. I’m trying to put on weight as clean and slow as I can so I don’t put on too much fat. I work out 4 times a week and do 15 minutes of cardio, do you guys think 3,000 calories is sufficient? What macros do you guys recommend? Thanks again!

I second what they are saying. I swear after being on TRT my receptors don’t respond as well to high test as they did when I was young and cycling. Could be in my head LOL