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First Test and Tren Cycle (Log)

Hi all,

Ok so this is my first post but i’ve been browsing and researching on here for quite a while.

Figured i’d do a post laying out my cycle plans, with some before and after pictures too, to see what you guys think. So here goes:

This is my second cycle, first cycle was a 12 week test e course last year (600mg per week) with some Winstrol ran for the last 4 weeks (50:50:75:100), finished with some Nolva and Chlomid for PCT. Fairly standard first cycle by all accounts, sides were pretty minimal joints got a little dry towards the end on the winny but that’s all. Saw average gains from the test but nothing explosive (maybe 4/5lbs over 8 weeks before winny).

However, the winny was crazy - i felt so full, hard and strong. I realise I should have benefited a lot more from the test than the winny, which leads me to think the gear may have been crap (Zion labs test e 400).

Anyway, on to this year. Decided to jump right in with the tren this time (curiosity has gotten the best of me, i’m aware it’s heavy for a relative beginner but i don’t think it’ll be too much as long as i’m keeping dosages fairly low and monitoring sides properly etc).

The gear i’ll be using is all Pharmatek (with holograms etc on bottles so it appears genuine and my guy sorts it for a lot of locals who swear by it). Going to run test e for 12 weeks at 250mg per week (injected once per week). Initially this was going to be higher but decided to keep it lower in an effort to keep tren sides at bay.

Will be running tren at 350mg per week for 9 weeks, was initially planning EOD injections but due to the half life and the opinions of most i’ve spoken to, opted to man up and go 50mg ED.

Plan on front loading the test with first jab at 500mg, with tren following 7 days later. My friend has HCG and Armidex on hand if need be, but if all is well I may not use (as cycle went well last year with no sides and a quick recovery).

Considering throwing some winny in for the last 4 weeks to help with the shred but I will see if it’s needed at a later date. So overall cycle plan will look like this:

Weeks 1-12 Test E (250mg per week)
Weeks 2-10 Tren A (350mg per week)
Weeks 10 - 14 Winstrol (likely 50:50:75:100)
Weeks 14 - 18 Nolva (40:40:20:20)
Weeks 14 - 18 Chlomid (100:50:50:50)

PCT due to start 2 weeks exactly after last Test E jab and the day after last winny tab.

I was a bit of a b*tch last year and didn’t get any bloodwork done (stupid, i know). However, as this is more of a serious cycle - i went into my GP. He is more than happy to run tests on bloods, kidney, liver and prostate. Booked in for my tests next week and he’s more than happy for me to come in for some intra and post cycle tests too (very helpful guy, i was just truthful with him). Assuming i get the go ahead, first jab is set to be 21st Feb.

I’m currently trying to cut up a bit so that i have a fairly lean base to build on. Currently hitting around 2300kcal per day (40%p, 40%c, 20%f).

Diet plan for cycle is to ‘lean bulk’ for the first 10 weeks, starting on around 3200kcal per day and upping it by around 100kcal per week for 10 weeks. Then the plan is to cut down and implement carb cycling techniques etc for last 4 weeks with the addition of LISS and HIIT every other day.

Training regime for the duration will be a 4 day rotation of Pull/Push/Legs/Rest (cardio and abs on rest day).

Will keep you all updated with info and pics. Any advice on the cycle, perhaps anything i’m missing or any recommendations with regards to alternate dosages and timings etc are welcomed!

Stats -
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 78kg
Bench: 100kg
Squat: 150kg
Deadlift: 170kg
BF Estimate: 10% - 15%
Training years: 6

Will post before and after pics!

Cheers guys!

Before pic:

Looks interesting. Personally I try to pin test e twice a week, with you only going once a week you might feel it at the end of the week. I have a buddy who does his test e every 4-5 days. With enanthate the blood levels come up and are pretty even for the first 3-4 days then they drop.

I noticed your pinning schedule makes it look like you have two bottles of test e 250, are you planning on having some left over for your next run? If you have two bottles I would think about upping the test to almost one to one with the tren but that’s me. Maybe something like 200mgs every 4 or 5 days. Of course if you have ampules of test then stick with a full CC. Even if you do up the test I think you are low enough to avoid most side effects but still make sure you have instant access to an AI.

I don’t know if you planned on having one aas from each of the three aas families (testosterone family, DHT family and 19-nor family) in this cycle but I love having the Trinity. Since this is still early in your cycle history I think you are making a better decision to only have two aas at a time. (The tren being stopped and then the winny starting) For your future research I would recommend looking into masteron or primo to run concurrently with test and tren. Primo isn’t technically a DHT but they class it as one. Technically it is a DHB or DiHydroBoldenone with a methaltion. If you can find it then just DiHydroBoldenone or aka 1-test run with test and tren is one HELL of a lean bulk cycle. I try to run each at 400 mgs a week for 10-14 weeks and usually by week 5-6 I feel like I am made of granite or marble.

Make sure to get some TUDCA or some sort of serious liver support for that much winny.

I am assuming your pct plan was a typo and that you will be done with the winny before you start. As in on week 15 you start PCT.

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That seems reasonable, I did look into doing that last year but figured that i wouldn’t feel much of a difference due to the tren this year.

I actually have 3 bottles of test e 250 so there’s plenty of scope to up the dosage and still have some left over. I could go with 200mg of test every 4 days then, I can pop 0.8ml in with my 0.5ml of tren a 100 so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah i wanted to keep things fairly simple at this stage, but it’s something i will definitely consider in future. Thanks for the heads up on that!

Liver support wise, i ran Liv52 and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine last year and i felt no pains or anything (obviously because i didn’t get checked, i’m not 100% of internals), will likely run the same this year!

Yes, sorry i was typing late at night! PCT to start 2 weeks after last test jab and day after last winny tab.


Can you get tren eth instead? That way you can pin 2 x week which, by the way, you should be pinning your test as well. Maintains steady levels that way. With tren eth you can pin on the same days as your test, even in the same syringe.

I already have the gear sorted, I went with tren ace as if it is too much then it will be out of my system quicker. Initially I had planned on doing prop with it, but I wasn’t able to get ahold of prop so went with eth. Plan is to pop them both in the same syringe!

Tren is freaking awesome and it makes me into a monster in the way i feel and eat and train but it does have its side effects. For me the worst was night sweats to the point of ruining bedding, my wife said my sweat smelled like sugar and basically she has forbidden me from using tren again. Said it made me an asshole.

Have fun with that HIIT on Tren, my cardio was shit while on.

I am also not allowed to use Tren again per the wifey (nor do I want to anyway). Didn’t make me an asshole (anymore than I already am, HA), but I definitely got Tren dick and she was not happy about that one - you get hard, start doing your thing and it just goes numb, no build-up, hard to finish. But at that point it becomes a challenge, like fuck you, I’m gonna finish. Which is about the time you start pushing rope. She was cool though, she just laughed it off at the time then laid it out for me once she knew I was off the stuff - she knew it was a new compound for me and wasn’t sure how I would react to her complaining.

I would definitely recommend getting caber, and there is a SARM (ostarine or cardarine, I forget) that supposedly keeps your cardio up even while on Tren.

Yep, sounds pretty in line with what I’ve read from other people! Which is why I’m both excited and cautious.

Oh yeah I’ve heard about it being super bad for taking your breath away. My plan was to stick to LISS mainly while on the tren and then begin the HIIT stuff once the tren is done with and I’m onto winny… Can’t say I’m massively excited about the tren d*ck though. Not sure my missus will be quite as understanding haha.

If you keep your Test at about 2 times your tren, you shouldnt have any issues with mr. johnson. At least it worked for me. I was raging horny on tren.