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First test and Dbol Cycle!


Me and a buddy are going to be running the same cycle and just wanted to get some insight from the more knowledgeable experienced guys here. I've done the research and prior to that i have a little experience from college about drugs and how they can effect the human body and have come to the conclusion that we both are ready to start another cycle of AAS. we are both are 25, ( I know still a little young) but we both have it in the mindset that were going to run another cycle two past cycles only test)

(Me height 6'3 - 225lbs. - approx 17% Bf Solid - been training for the past 5 years. )

(him height 5'9 230 lbs - approx 17% bf solid - been training for past 5 years.)

my cycle thoughts were going to be

Test E Week 1-12 500mg pinned twice a week.
dbol week 1-3 20mg week 4-5 40mg (only 20mg because the dbol im getting is dosed in 20mgs
week 1-12 arimidex 0.25 ED or (0.5 EOD?)

and for pct week 14-17 Nolva (tamoxifen citrate ) 40/40/20/20 ( not sure if should run exemestane for another week or two after last dose of pct.)

for hcg i thought 250 iu pinned twice a week for weeks 1-13.5 ( stop five days before pct ) but i was unsure if i should bother with hcg because of what i heard about raising estrogen and gyno is a big thing im trying to avoid. ( not that im prone to it but i would just like to be safer than sorry with ai and such.

any advice on changing up the cycle and just kinda a review i guess id call it by the more experienced guys out there would help a ton! also BF % are probably a bit lower by now too.


I would suggest to run the dbol at 30mg/day instead of changing up dosages. PCT for 6 weeks.


ok ill do 30mg ED read 20isnt much anyhow… other than that does it look like i know what im talking about?.. atleast for the most part lol. ive only got a cycles of test under my belt so any more pointers is greatly appreciated =)


Run adex up to PCT to prevent E2 rebound.


If youve already cycled twice then the only difference this time is swallowing a pill? Correct? Im assuming you didnt run the first two properly?

Pct should be 2 weeks after last pin if running 500mg a week. So pct would begin week 15 not 14. Not sure if youre running 500mg or 1gram. the way you worded it is confusing.