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First Tattoo

I currently have an appointment made to get my first tat, a decently sized rib piece. However after making the decision to get it, getting it drawn up, and talking with my family (I’m only 19) I’m more apprehensive than I was before.

Is it normal to be…not nervous… but just freaked out by how permanent a tattoo is? It may seem like a completely moronic question but is getting a tattoo something you have to be completely dedicated and prepared to do or is it something that over time it’s just part of you and not as big of a deal?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

absolutely. Let me put it into perspective. the process will take a while prob 1-2 hrs for most peoples first piece, and on the ribs it WILL hurt. Most likely alot. To me it wasnt the permanence of the tattoo but the pain getting it done. Actually after this, you will be searchin your body for more places to put ink. And youll just get used to the needle repeatedly piercing your skin lol

Hey man, it is completely normal to be a bit nervous when getting a tattoo, especially since it’s your first and it’s on your rib cage which is probably the most painful place to put one. But to be honest it sounds to me you should call it off, when preparing to get a tattoo it is something you should 110% whole heartedly WANT, and MUST be completely dedicated and prepared for it. If you’re not I hope you will make the right choice.

Haha that’s what I knew in the back of my head. I guess I just needed someone to tell me it for sure. I think I’ll give it a couple years and a lot more thought. Thanks for hitting me up as your very first post. It was a good one haha

When you get the tattoo and have 2nd thoughts, you need to get Wrecking Balm…


Getting my 2nd one on Thursday. As mentioned before make sure you WANT IT and that it actually MEANS something to you…No good looking back in 10 years and wondering “Now why did i get that thing again !!”

I got a large rib piece done about 1 year ago, and yes, it is…uncomfortable. But well worth it. I went back and forth with my decision for some time, but I had been wanting this particular tattoo for years, literally. So I knew deep down I wanted it done. Like Nike says…

If you have any bit of a second thought on a tat—don’t do it.

It usually takes me 2-3 years to decide on a new tat. I always want more, I am just very picky about my artwork and I always want it to be something I will like forever.

If the previous posters would have said do it, would you feel better and do it?

I say you do it UNLESS, it is a Trekkie tat.