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First T Injection


I have low testosterone, so I was prescribed 200 mg by my doctor. I am a total moron and didn't read the instructions properly and thought the container of testosterone was 1 dose. It was 5 doses... so, I accidentally injected 1000 mg. How idiotic I am is not up for debate, I know I should have read better, asked more questions, got the doc or pharmacist to show me, or sometime. So no need to comment on that part.

I assume that this severe pain is because I've never had an intramuscular injection in my thigh. But I would appreciate if someone helped lay my fears of infection to rest.

I shot it on wenesday evening. Later that night my leg was a big sore, felt like a mild bruise. The next day felt like I worked out too hard after not working out for ages and it hurt a lot when i walked. Thursday it was worse. I was pretty sedentary all of those days. On friday I was out a lot and by night I was in so much pain that I could hardly sleep, or walk. Today is surturday and I can't put any weight on it. The pain moved from my mid-thigh to just above my kneecap. Its a little swollen. Not red. When my leg is lowered it feels like I have too much seering blood flowing down into my muscle.

I wouldn't think much of it, considering my stupid move, but my concern is that its getting worse, rather than better.

Any suggestions? How would I know if its infected?



Red and feels hot? Do you have a fever?

Did you swab before injecting?

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I used a cottage ball with rubbing alcohol, but I'm not sure that I let the alcohol dry entirely before I injected.

Its not red or hot, and I don't have a fever. It's just painful and a bit swollen. I'll keep an eye out for redness and such.