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First T Cycle


Hi everybody
I'm 24 years old, I've been working out for 6 years I think I have a pretty descent body, people at the gym usually ask me what kind o supplements I'm taking. I have a pretty descent diet U guys know I eat 5 timeas a day oatmeal, brown rice whole wheat pasta, chicken, salmon, etc

That's to let you guys know a bit of my back grown.
Here is the thing my legs don't grow I think I have a good definition in my legs, I tried everything a lot of weight, lots of reps and also I always check my form. As I said before I do have good leg definition but day just don't grow.

I friend of mine suggested me that I should try testosterone cypionate, he said that I shouldn't use an estrogen blocker because it doesn't have any side effects, also I have never use steroids, all the muscle I have gained is the result of hard work and good nutrition. I'm planning to cycle cypionate for 3 months.

Also just FYI my family tend to loose hair, I don't but I think because is in my genes that testosterone would be too strong that I'm gonna start loosing hair

What do you guys think???
Do you guys think cypionate by itself is good for my first cycle???
Do I need an estrogen blocker???
Do I need a Post Cycle Therapy???
Is there any side effects???

Thanks for your help

PS. Excuse my english I know is pretty bad, I'm not american


Read this:



This is a fucking disgrace. Your English is better than half the kids in this country.


Agreed, the USA is falling from superpower into obesity and ignorance


Thank you so much for the info