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First T-Cycle Concerns

Ok just joined T-Nation 2day & from what I read everybody usually give a lil info about themselves.

So heres mine: I’m 32 5’7 175 first Test cycle ever. I did my first glute injection Mon 5/13 I thought everything went great
I watched online videos split the left cheek into 4 sections went with the top left area wiped alcohol on area b4 & after,needle was straight,no air in syringe,
let oil drip on needle & didn’t even notice the needle had already pierced my skin, went straight in no pain at all injected slowly
maybe 90-120 seconds max. pulled out slowly, messaged area & went to work. about 3 hours later. Crazy soreness kicked in could barely walk
that evening got slight fever 100.7 woke up next day couldn’t even pick my leg up or bend down to tie my work boots, fever persisted for 2 days max temp 101.9 popped a few advil & felt better. Now on day 4 I’m better still sluggish though. & I noticed after my shower my left cheek was red about the size of a hand around my injection site & its hot! I touch it & it takes 3 seconds for my finger imprint to fade out.

Not sure if this is normal? Any advice is appreciated.

I have experienced everything you have mentioned, except for the fever… which is the important part.

if you still have the fever tomorrow… I would go to the ER. Tell them you were playing darts with some buddies while you were drunk, and you lost a bet and had to take a dart in the ass…

and for future reference… I would not advise pinning your own glutes…

I’ve gotten a little feverish from injections before. Usually if its been awhile since I’ve cycled and its only after the first pin. Goes away in a few days but definitely pay attention to yourself and if it starts getting worse go get checked out.