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First T Blast, Advice?

Could really do with some advice if anyone’s willing to help.

I started off my TRT prescription by doing a 6 week blast (probably a bad idea in retrospect).

I’ve done 6 weeks of sustanon, 250 every 5 days and got some good results.

I now need to get my levels down in time for my next blood test. My last shot was a week ago, figured I’d leave it another week before taking my normal TRT dosage (125 every 5 days). How long do you think I will need to delay my blood test to return normal TRT results?

I’ve also noticed last couple of days that I’m starting to get more fatty tissue on my chest. Nipples are a little sore, no lumps but I’m fearful that I’m getting gyno.

I was taking 0.5mg amistrazole (amidex) with each shot, realise now that I probably should have been taking it more regularly.
Was thinking of taking 0.5mg every other day for the next week to bring down the estrogen level. Does that sound about right?

Any advice would be much appreciated, I should have been more thorough in my research upfront, lesson learned!

Just to clarify…you were put on TRT by a doctor and he prescribed 125mg E5D and you decided you would double that right out of the gate? And now your blood work is coming up and you need to get your T readings down so the doc sees that?

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Yeah, it wasn’t the smartest way round to do it.
I read up on it quite a beforehand and I got the impression that it wouldn’t take long to bring the dosage back down but I’m now beginning to realise that with the multiple different esters im sustanon, it ain’t so simple. I should have held off for a couple more months in hindsight.

I think you’re screwed. I don’t know the specifics, but if you were given a 10mL vial with 250mg per mL, and 125mg (0.5mL) every five days prescribed, that vial would last you 100 days. You doubled up for seven or eight injections, you’re going to run out before you’re eligible for a refill. You had 14 weeks of test, what happens when you try to get a refill at 9 weeks? He’s going to figure it out.

As for anastrozole, pretty sure 3.5mg of it a week is a bad idea. That will likely bottom out your E2 and really raise suspicions. Unless the doctor has only slight experience managing TRT, he’ll figure it out.

For now, I’d just take everything as prescribed and wait as long as you can before getting your follow-up blood work. Hopefully, that will paint an accurate picture of how you are responding to your protocol.

I’m not judging, back in the day I would go as high as 800mg/week of test. I get it. Strength is a greedy mistress.

You can Google search “steroid calculator” and graph your exact dosages. It will plot out your blood plasma levels and you can put together a pretty good plan on when it’s safe to do the bloodwork. Also, get some ug test or test from somewhere to fill in the refill gap.

Not sure macarouns situation but my test refills every 28 days. I am supposed to throw out the test vial after it has been pierced for 28 days. So my script, if I don’t toss it, gives me up to 250mg a week.

Yeah that is a shit ton and will lead to pain and suffering.