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First Sustanon and Winny D Cycle

Trying to delete this ridiculous and intoxicated post

Diet is the answer not more gear. Have you considered evaluating what you’ve been sticking in your mouth and hitting the treadmill for a little bit?

How long have you been on cycle before? You mentioned test C + ND and now test + winny, firstly, check you’re lipid profile, I almost guarantee you won’t be happy with what you see.

Secondly (no offence but I’m going to be harsh here), with the way you look more gear clearly isn’t the answer, you look even more DYEL than I do, if 500mg/wk of gear isn’t doing the trick (a solid dose in itself), what makes you think more gear is the answer, the answer to this case lies within you’re work ethic and diet.

How long have you been taking winny, you’re aware it’s c-17AA and thus fairly hepatotoxic.

You could run a 12 week course of Broccoli :broccoli:


Deleted this post. Didnt even remember posting it lol. I work in the oil field doing a pretty laid back job but long hours so gym time is pretty much impossible and I try hard to eat good out here but lose all discipline on days off. I appreciate all the feed back and advice and will try harder to find ways to implement them. Anyone have any suggestions on how to ear healthier without access to a kitchen?

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Thanks for the advice. That was an intoxicated post and wish I hadn’t lmao. I just started my second cycle with the test and winny. I do need to find ways to work out more and eat healthier but I stay on an oilfield location 15 days at a time, but I guess I need to try harder.

Is winny still as hepatoxic when doing injections instead of oral?

So you started a cycle, while admittedly not working out much or eating well. Why do I not see this ending well?

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Ok understood, actually it makes sense haha (the threesome comment was funny) so good luck with that. However I certainly wouldn’t recommend you running winny or anything for that matter

Injectable winny may be slightly less hepatotoxic (skips 1st liver pass) however the C17AA alteration still exists and thus both injectable and oral stanozolol has been directly correlated with hepatotoxicity.

If you have to run this cycle (which I reeeaaallly think is a bad idea), then just run the test, cutting on test will preserve all muscle mass… So is the friend attractive???

Oh and don’t drink when if you’re going to use winny. Alcohol puts a tremendous amount of strain on the body, in this case a body that is already being stressed, as a matter of fact it’s probably best to not get drunk/ tipsy on cycle (and in general you should limit getting intoxicated, if you wish to live the bodybuilding lifestyle you shouldn’t frequently drink to excess (I mean few beers every now and then is probably not the end of the world… If you want to live like a bodybuilder… Switch to opiates (just kidding, nalbuphine was once popular with bodybuilders so it’s a joke I sometimes make)

More about this threesome lol (#sexuallyfrustrated)… Just kidding… Well not about the frustrated part, about the wanting to know more details.

So if you were that drunk (not remembering is blackout, I’ve never been and hopefully never will in my life become that drunk), how were you even able to make the post with semi decent grammar, post a pic and all

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Man I didnt even read what I wrote lol. I just read part of it started shaking my head and hitting delete lol. I dont typically drink, but made a bad decision of having a few after taking an ambien. Really bad decision!! If my post made any sense, I am not for sure how that happened. As far as my wifes friend, yeah she is pretty sexy. Both her and my wife are pretty conservative, so I was pretty damn surprised.

I am going to ditch the winny and really just focus on diet and exercise. I found out I can cook chicken in the kitchen microwave. That is going to help a lot instead of the typical microwave junk food we usually eat out here. Working out here is still going to be a challenge, but I’m sure with some creativity I can find some more stuff to do. I really appreciate your advice. I’m pretty green at this, and I have a lot to learn. Any advice on bloating while running Test?

You shouldn’t bloat on 250mg/wk (which is enough to cut on), if you do you can dial in macronutrients, diet plays a big part in bloating

Ambien + alcohol is a very dangerous combo, both are CNS depressants, if I were you (although once again I’m not you’re dad) I would never combine the two ever again…

No no, you’re 100% correct. I will never combine the two again. I have a habit of sleep eating on ambien, and after last night, I chunked the rest of the bottle. I will have to research and educate myself more on macronutrients. I’m assuming you’re suggesting that maybe my sodium in take is high. I probably should cut back on the salt, as I do intake quite a bit.

If you aren’t going to be working out much then go for a low carb approach. Plenty of meats, veg, peanut butter, fish and so on. Once a week throw in some rice/sweet potato or another complex carb source. Keep protein high and dietary fats moderate to high, with carbs low. That’s more or less keeping it simple.

Next inject 5ml of Tren A and go on a 25mile sprint, that should work up a bit of a sweat. You will be knocking out foursomes with your wife, her friend and the postman.

Skip that second bit of advice and go with the diet lol happy holidays!

That’s a diet I can make work out here. Thanks for the advice. All except the part about the postman was goodbbn lmao. Happy holidays to you as well.

I worked in that business for years on the land side of things. I visited rigs in the field more times than I can remember. The one constant thing was that nothing was constant. Even the best meal prep could get thrown off by any number of things that can wrong on a rig at any time. The best advice I can give is to just stock your truck with enough healthy things that hold up well in varying temperatures.

A good cooler/cooler bag filled with hard boiled eggs, cheese, and some smoked meat will save you some time and keep you fed enough to survive. I found that two eggs and a slab of cheese keeps me more full than an equal amount of carbs, either from fruits or vegetables. Vacuum sealed tuna packs are easy too, because all you need is a plastic fork and the stuff holds up in the cold pretty well (but not as great in higher temps). Cooking ground beef, rice, and beans ahead of time works if you only have access to a kitchen once in a while. That’ll keep for a few days in a fridge and again, it’ll fill you up well enough.

As far as gym time, that’s harder. The bluey line is NOT a pull-up bar.

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Solid tips there man, I appreciate it. I could probably even get away with bringing my electric smoker out here for the 2 weeks I’m on location.
I’m in completions, so I dont know what the blue bar is, but I guess raising the man basket and using it as a pull up bar might get me yelled at too. I had found a gym that is 24 hrs a day in a town I am usually pretty close to, but I recently became a supervisor, so I am not allowed to leave except a.quick trip for some groceries. Thanks again.

Bluey line was the pipe that carried the mud into the pit during drilling.

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Ah, 10-4. If I’m ever around a rig, I will remember that lol