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First Sustanon 250 Cycle, Novaldex for PCT


hey guys, im thinking about doing a sustanon 250 cicle , this will be my first cicle my plan is:
500mg/wk sustanon 250 (monday and thursday) for 12 weeks, for PCT im going with novaldex 2 weeks after the last pin , doing 40mg week 1-2, then 20mg week 3-4

I'm 6'2 , weight 202, is that a good cycle for a beginner, and will novaldex alone be good?


I have ran sust by itself several times an now am on it with deca also. It is a good cycle, BUT!!!!

You NEED an AI (like a-dex) at .5mg every other day.
I use a nolva/clomid combo with this cycle, but some say they can only use nolva.

I would start PCT one week after last pin.

You said beginner but does that mean very first cycle or just first sustanon cycle?

also how old are you?....how long have you been lifting?


Pct should be 3 weeks after last pin with sust


your right sorry bout that


hey rupe8, yes its my very first cycle ever, i'm 24, been lifting for about 1.5 yrs


yeah., thanks guys!


ok, test only is the right way to go, fore sure, you are kinda young and most would say to wait, but just to check what are some stats, i.e. max lifts. This is because if you haven't reached your peaks and you are 24 thats two strikes. But lets see


My first cycle was test cypoinate 200mg and I made mad gains.
At your age your still raging with a natural high test.


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