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First Sustanon 250 6-Week Cycle Questions

HI, guys. I’ve recently posted first enanthate thread but I could procure neither enanthate nor cypionate of good enough quality and didn’t want to buy underground stuff of questionable origin. So basically I have to stick with either propionate or sustanon 250 from local drugstores. And even propionate is very difficult to buy.

So it looks like sustanon contains very long acting esther (and a little bit of short esthers), and I have to wait about 3 weeks after last injection to start PCT, so I thought that maybe 8 weeks will be too much for that and cut the cycle down to 6 weeks. But to get concentrations to the optiumum level right from the start there’s a frontloading now with first shot of 400mg instead of just 200 so it’s at least 6 real weeks instead of just 3-4.

Also, I know that an ampule of sustanon 250 contains 250 (who’d have guessed) mg, and I’ll be wasting 50mg with each shot, but that doesn’t really concern me.

“I’m 28, 5’8”, about 175lbs, about 15% body fat. Doing bjj/grappling 5 times a week and lifting 1-2 times a week. 1 rep max for bench press is 253lbs.

Planning on doing this first cycle off-season to gain a little weight (and strength) and test how my body reacts to extra hormones before maybe doing anavar+supporting test cycle for the competition in autumn/spring season." - from original thread

So, it is:

  1. weeks 1-6: Sustanon 250 200mg 2x times a week (400mg a week total). First shot is 400mg instead of 200
  2. weeks 1-6: arimidex 0.5mg every other day; week 7 - 0,25mg eod
  3. weeks 1-7: HCG 250ui 3x times a week (750ui a week total)
  4. weeks 10: nolvadex 40mg a day
  5. week 11-13: nolvadex 20mg a day
  6. weeks 10-13: tribulus 750mg a day

also 3 g/day fish oil

I also plan to switch to lifting 3 times a week for this period and cut down grappling to 3 times a week.

I have already tested my baseline hormone levels (everything there was at the panel- blood lipids, all hormones in the list they had, minerals etc)- no results yet. And plan to run another blood test on week 2 to correct AI dosage.

So the question is- does 6 weeks make sense at all?
Is sustanon usage ok for the first cycle?
Is HCG on week 7 needed?
Is 3 weeks enough for the decanoate to clear up so I can start PCT? I’ve seen some conflicting data on its half-life- some places state it’s 15 days, some give no more than 10.
Will 2 shots a week cause significant spykes with ~30mg*0.8 of propionate in each shot?
is week 7 arimidex usage needed?

A 6 week sustanon cycle makes little sense because of one of the esters in the mix. It’s way too long. I would extend the cycle, or go with prop for a 6 week cycle. Sustanon is a poor choice for 6 weeks.

I also don’t understand why you’re going to waste so much of it. Can’t you just run 500mg per week instead? That would make more sense. 500mg/week is more common for a first cycle anyway… I wouldn’t recommend 400.

I also don’t believe in front loading for the most part. an oral kick start makes more sense to me.

Tribulus is useless.

I also think that arimidex dose is high for your cycle. It MAY be correct, depending on how you respond, but if it were me, i’d start at .25mg every other day.

Blood tests won’t be very useful if you decide to run this cycle as you’ve suggested (which you shouldn’t run anyway). If you do it in week 2, your test won’t be at its peak level. So your numbers won’t truly reflect what you should run when test IS at its peak. In my opinion, week 3 or 4 would make more sense. But then you’ll have to wait a week to get results, and then not have any time to adjust your dose anyway because your cycle will be almost done.

I think by now you may have noticed that I don’t like this cycle at all.

Yes week 7 a dex would be required. Because you’ll still have active long esters in your body. 2 shots a week is fine for sustanon if you decide to go this route.

Before I read Flip’s reply I was thinking very much the same.

  • Just do 500mg of Sust per week for 10-14 weeks.


  • Do Test P 100-125mg eod for 6-8 weeks (Ide do 8)
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I’ve decided to follow your advice, waited a bit longer and have managed to buy 50 1ml (50mg each) ampules of Test P of a reputable local pharm company.
So it’s going to be enough for either 6 or 7 weeks with 100mg eod (there was no way to get more- due to recent PED crysis goverment revoked test P license from this plant, and it’s now very scarce (and I still don’t want to buy underground).

Weeks 1-6: 100mg of test P eod
Weeks 1-6 HCG 250ME 3 times a week
Weeks 1-6 arimidex 0.25mg eod (plus blood test after 14 days for correction)
PCT of nolvadex 40-40-20-20mg starting on the 4th day after last test injection.
Or just get on with it and do all 7 weeks.

Looks solid to you now?
Is 3 days after last test P injection enough to wait before starting PCT?

Yeh looks good buddy.

  • I would probably do 0.5 adex but you are getting bloods done so whatever…

  • Try and do the 7 weeks over the 6.

  • PCT with a fast acting ester can start from 1-3 days after last pin.

  • Some may say the PCT should be 20mg for 6 weeks, either way should be ok.

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