First Sust 350 Cycle

Hey guys… started my first cylce almost two weeks ago. Para Pharma Sust 350 e3d. Got aromasin on deck in case of any weird sides.

Wanna know what a good PCT looks like, also any reccomendations on gauge/length of pin? Im pretty much exclusively going in my glutes.

Diet is 45/20/35 Carbs/Fats/Protein for about 3k calories a day
5’11 161 lbs pretty lean

christ, dude. did you even try to do a google or forum search?

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Yeah a bunch actually. Was using 1 1/2 in 23 gauge to pin. Thinking of doing Clomid and Nolvadex for PCT. just wanna get a couple opinions on when to start the PCT after I’m done, doseage etc… there’s a lot of different opinions floating out there

Day 1 300 clomid 20 nolva
Day 2-11 100 clomid + 20 nolva
Day 12-21 50 clomid 20 nolva

Thinking of starting after 2 weeks because this sust blend is prop/test c/test e… thoughts?

Yeah I have. Just could use some help

Ok my moral line obligates me to say this few things first.

  1. The PCT is the MOST important part of a cycle, you should have had this figured out and in HAND before starting.
  2. You didn’t state your age…
  3. You are over 700 mgs a week of test, I would be running that aromasin since the first week if not the first pin.
  4. 5’11 161 lbs and pretty lean, you had a hell of a lot of natural growth to exploit before AAS usage was necessary for the next significant step.

Just had to say that stuff like that so it is clear and hopefully you or anyone else will learn from this. Now that that is over please don’t think any of this that follows is meant to be a dick but it is meant to be stern enough to hopefully help.

If you made the conscious choice to run a cycle without AI (aromatase inhibitor, in your case aromasin) you chose a pretty high dosage to gamble with. I would start using it. I would start with 12.5 mgs EOD. Go read up on signs of high and low estrogen so you know what to look for as you might need to adjust that dosage. The only way to know is with blood work but I get the feeling you are not going to be doing any on cycle.

There are two main SERMS we use for PCT, you should have researched and know what SERM stands for. For a Nolvadex only PCT they typically dose 40mgs a day for two weeks then 20mgs a day for two weeks. For Clomid they dose 100mgs a day for two weeks then 50 mgs a day for two weeks. Some guys take both and typically you see them split the dosage levels in half.

Flip collar was right you should have researched this yourself. If you did research then you should have gone through the effort of displaying it in your question. Like “I see some plans dosing Nolvadex like this and some dosing clomid like this, then I see them putting the two together.” For future reference your questions might want to have some similar format that way we might be able to understand exactly what it is that you are asking. The way you asked it made it look like you spent 15-30 minutes reading two different sources and said “fuck it will someone please tell me what to do.” No one wants to tell you something that can ultimately hurt you. If you make the choice to go down this road you need to know what you are risking and the choices of how you do it need to be yours.

For needles I like 25 guage at 1.5 inches. With the modern oils the UGLs use this guage keeps you from injecting too fast. If you go too fast that can make pip or make it worse.

I want to state again you or anyone should always have AI and PCT in hand before starting any cycle. I have said that twice for a reason.

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Thanks that was really helpful. Age is 28 btw. Not gonna lie I rushed into this and should have planned a lot better. Started my Aromasin tonight because my nipples started feeling a bit itchy out of nowhere and I’m two weeks in, so probably would’ve been wise to do as you said and have started week one. They’re 25 mg pills so I bought a splitter and am doing as you suggested 12.5 eod. Bought pins online 1.5 in 25 g from GPZ because I’ve read good things. So you’d suggest clomid 50/50/25/25 and Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 then if I were to do both?

If you take that much Clomid you will likely have every single side effect listed plus a few new ones that medical science has heretofore not discovered. More is not better.

I have a few questions. They are not meant to make you feel dumb. The guys here will always help out someone who seeks advice and who is willing to learn and be honest with us.

What made you decide to go this route? At your size you probably had another 20lbs of natural growth available to you. You say you eat 3,000 calories a day, but is that because you’re on cycle or did you eat that before you started? Because that should be enough to grow on naturally. But you’re already on, so make the most of it.

Honest answer? Buddy of mine literally gave me a vial of sust for free… kinda couldn’t turn it down. You’re not wrong though, should’ve waited. Too late now though I guess

Just make the most of it, right? That’s kind of all we can do once we’re pot-committed.

Agreed. I’m pretty sure I did something stupid to my rotator cuff last night. Didn’t warm up well and felt a tear when I was curling of all things… today it just feels a little off. Hoping it heals up on its own gonna take a couple days off

then why the fuck did you lie to me earlier when I asked if you’d done proper research?


you really couldn’t turn down something worth maybe 40 bucks?

Yea, you’ll get what you deserve. and I will laugh.


Lol @ this guy… nothing better to do bud?

love it. you act like a fucking idiot, then laugh at the guy calling you out for it.

continue on along the long road to eternal mediocrity. i’m sure it’ll be a great time.

I’m just curious as to why this seems to personally offend you so much? And I why it is everyone else has actually contributed helpful advice yet you just wanna bang on people. Jw bud that’s all.

  1. I don’t like you because I don’t like being lied to on forums where I’m spending my time and efforts to provide free advice to people who have not put in the same time or energy. I don’t appreciate my time being wasted by people who won’t put in the minimal effort it takes to find out what needle to use. Such a basic question.

  2. The people who gave you provided the useful information you appreciated are very new to this forum. I’ve been helping people on here for about 8 years. They aren’t tired of spoon feeding people like you yet. Once they’ve answered the same questions 100’s of times, they’ll get there too.

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