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First Sub Q Injection Tomorrow: Any Advice?

I am taking my first sub q injection tomorrow morning. Protocol is .25ml (50mg) E3.5 days My question is what to expect after this first shot. I have read some people on this site mention anxiety or rapid heart rate. I know this is a low starting dose, but I must admit I am a little nervous mostly from what I have read here. I have procrastinated but I am ready for my first injection.

This is your first ever injection? Or you’re switching to SubQ from some other protocol?

If you’re brand new to TRT I would highly recommend you try IM first.

Yes, my first injection. I tried cream for past 4 weeks applied to shoulders and did not feel any improvement

What is your primary reason for IM over SubQ? I was looking for a mild start to injections and was under the impression IM could be more intense/wired feeling. Also could IM cause greater increases in Hct and hemoglobin?

IM will get into your blood stream faster. SubQ is injected into the fat, and slowly released into the blood. In theory SubQ would give you a more stable blood levels, but It doesn’t always seem to work as well in practice. With IM you know exactly how much is making it into your system and it’s very predictable. Shallow IM injections work well, and you can use an insulin needle into the delt or thigh if your skin is thin there. It is pretty much painless, you just need to get over the initial hurdle of stabbing yourself.

Thanks, I appreciate the information.

Not for everybody. Some of us get welts under the skin. I understand that some guys have successful subQ injections but Test was designed for IM for a reason.

To the OP, you need to be flexible here. If you have issues with subQ then do IM. Its not that big a deal. Your first few pokes are a little scary but its more of a rush than anything else. My advice is to get your significant other to do it if you cant, the glutes are fine but delt shots are super easy and you can use a 1/2" needle at a smaller gauge.

Thanks man!

The same can be said about SubQ though, can it not?

I do subq in belly. No problem. Nice levels.

I did do shallow im on side of leg. That was fine too.

At this low dose how much will it increase Hct and Hemoglobin? My current Hct is 50.2 and hemoglobin 16.9 after 1 month on test cream. Will IM cause greater increases than SubQ?

Everyone responds differently. You’ll need to try it and see. You can try both IM and SubQ and see which you like better. Just make sure you’re spending at least a couple months with the same protocol before changing anything.

Thanks for the advice

Subq in the belly fat is a good starting point and it’s completely painless. .25ml should also go super quick as long as you’re using the right size needle.

Being someone that’s been scared of needles his entire life and still breaks into a cold sweat when giving blood, let me assure you it’s a piece of cake.

I started my TRT protocol just 6 weeks ago of 100mg (.5ml), 1 injection per week. I didn’t have the courage to do it on my own at first so my wife did my first 4 injections, but last week I told myself I would give it go on my own. Sure I was a bit nervous but I just needed to remind myself that it’s completely painless. I just pinched some fat next to my belly button, took a deep breathe and I barely felt the poke. Before I knew it I was done and went smoother than expected. I did it again on my own last night and I wasn’t even nervous leading up to it. The thought of the next one doesn’t phase me at all now that I think about it.

Good luck!


Success with first injection. It was very easy didn’t feel anything. Decided to go with subq to start and will see how it goes.


You are right, I misread your post. I was thinking subQ when I made my post about welts. Apologies

For me also this works terrible

How so? Just curious.

I felt pain and also felt sleepy and bad after inejction even when I was doing the old ester.
Subq works best for me