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First Strongman Comp!


Hey all!

I'm a beginner-powerlifter, been training for a year or so.. To "fill" the lists, I'm participating in a strongman show locally this weekend. Wish me luck guys! I will be posting pics if i get any..


truckpull: 11500lbs, 50 meters
tire flips on time: 792lbs
Farmers: 50 meters, 198lbs pr hand
viking press/log: 198lbs, overhead for reps
cagelift/kronlift: starting at 440, rising bar!


Good luck - i think the farmers will be exceptionally tough if your not grip trained...

Also, can you post pics up of some women please.



I'm doing the some of the same thing, I'm a powerlifter but I'm competing in a strongman thing in 2 weeks.

I think all things strength should be embraced.

And best of luck to ya, you're a strong mofo so you'll be fine.


I hate to tell ya this, but a 792lb tire is freaking heavy. I deadlift over 500lbs at about 170 bodyweight and i can only flip a 700lb tire once without having to shimmy it up. That event is gonna suck for sure.


The tire flip and truck pull will be the hardest events. If you flip the tire once, you should be happy. There's not too many people who can just flip an 800 lb. tire on their first try.

200 lbs. per hand farmers walk is light. I have had a few guys come out who never trained strongman or PL, only bodybuilding type stuff, and could do 195 per hand, not very fast, but still.


Agreed. That truck pull should be killer also!!! 50 meters is about 165 feet to us Americans, if I remember right. Freaking sick!!!


Best of luck to you, I'm sure it'll be a blast.

To those saying it is, that is a VERY light truck. Assuming no incline everyone should be flying. The tire is heavy though.

Why is there a slash between viking press and log? It can only be one or the other.



I agree on the truck. That shouldn't be tough at all. I pulled a firetruck full of water and man that shit was heavy! I think 44000lbs.


Well, my results!

Farmers: 34 sek on 50 meters
Truckpull: 31 sek on 50 meters
Log: (it is a round thing with handles on.. :stuck_out_tongue: ) 1 rep
Cage deadlift: 550lbs
tireflip: You got it right, no chance.. :slight_smile: it was raining when we did this, and i have no technique, so i was hopeless here!

all in all, fun stuff!


Me doing the farmers.


Sweet Pic.

That's not in the actual comp right?
Where'd you get the Farmers implements?
How difficult is the crossover from PL'er to Strongman?
Good Luck!!


oops, sorry, didn't see the post before.
anyways, post more pics! :slightly_smiling:





(which didn't work out, need more technique on that one!)



but where are the women pictures?

Come on...!



When it comes to the transition between Strongman and powerlifting.. well, I'm just a beginner when it comes to powerlifting and this was my strongman debut, so i can't really tell. What i can tell is that I have to try some of the exercises a bit more before the next contest, both the tireflip and the log! I was quite impressed by myself, placed 3/6 in the farmers, 3/6 in the deadlift, 3/6 in the truckpull.. so not all that bad, 5/6 in the log (only got one rep up..) and no-place in the tireflip with no flips.. I'm satisfied, and well.. it was a lot of fun! :smiley:



try this link you femalehugger.. :stuck_out_tongue:




That tire looks slippery as hell, what was the best number of flips in the competition?


In norway, the majority of the "kids" run around in palestine scarfs.. someone have to set the standard.. :wink:

The best number of flips was 4, noone did the 8 flips on time-thing, mostly because the asphalt was slippery and the tire was VERY slippery.