First Strongman Comp: Advise Needed

Might do my first comp on August 19. Events are as follows.
Truck pull
DB, Keg and axle medley
Car deadlift. (Ford Feista) or similar
Fingal fingers.
Sandbag, keg and mystery implement load medley.
Max deadlift is around 420lbs, how hard is the car deadlift? Should I peak up to the event? Or focus on reps and conditioning? I obviously don’t have fingal fingers to practice with is there a substitute exercise that could be suggested? Making my own axle to train with.

I’ve never car deadlifted, but @T3hPwnisher has.

The fingals finger is sort of like a handstand walk, but in reverse. You’re going to need a strong core, and overhead endurance. It’s sort of a crappy substitute, but I’d be working landmine presses a bunch, alternating hand placement each set.

Bring food, snacks, and gatorades or pedialite. For the truck pull, wear shoes with lots of traction. I hear rock climbing shoes work very well

It depends on too many factors. Flex in the frame, distance between car and handles, weight of rig, etc. The same car can be hit for 30 reps or 8 depending on the set up. Just show up strong and you will kill it.

I’ve deadlifted a couple car set ups but never in competition. Trap bar deadlifts and front squats, at least for me, seem to have the biggest impact(unless you have a car to pull) on the musculature needed for car deadlifts.

I am a big fan of Kalle Beck’s set-up here

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Ok, thanks for the help. Won’t be disappointed if I don’t place well on first comp. Any other tips or wise words are welcome

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Start tailoring your training to the movements you’ll be doing. Don’t let the contest be the first time you’ve touched an implement – find ways to make the events (or their simulations) your training staples. Run through a mock meet a few times before the contest – helps to alleviate jitters and over thinking on meet day.

Trap bar deadlift if you don’t have a car deadlift. Buy a deer drag harness and a tow rope from Home Depot. These cost under $25 total and voila, you can pull a car. Wear rock climbing shoes – they make a world of difference.

Make your own luck and may the strongman mania bite you hard –