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First Steroid Cycle

Hello, I’m 26 years old, 5’9, 155 lbs. I’ve been working out for 5 years now and have made pretty good progress. I was thinking of doing a bulking Dbol only cycle. I know, oral only cycles are hated on but I just want something light to test the waters. I was thinking of running this:

30 mg of dbol for 4 weeks

1g of Anastrozol every other day during the cycle

40/40/20/20 nolvadex Is this a good cycle?

If you want to swell up for 4 weeks, shut down your HPTA, and lose everything post cycle… sure.

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Bad cycle don’t run it without test or you’d regret it. Just run a moderate dosage of test with the dbol or just test alone.

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I started on just Test for 6 weeks before stacking with EQ. I would not advise stacking right at the beginning. Test should be enough to get you going. Ease into it bro, it takes time.

The quick answer is: NO

The only thing that looks good about that cycle is the PCT which is good because your gonna need it.

Don’t run oral only. Don’t take 1mg adex a day. Don’t use steroids before you do more research because had you done more you could have answered your own question


Ask yourself this question: how much muscle can you actually gain in four weeks? I’m talking real muscle, not glycogen and subcutaneous water. The answer is “not much”. It takes time to build muscle. So for four weeks you’ll be in a low testosterone state (though with dbol-only it won’t be as bad as something like winstrol-only; but still generally bad) and then you’ll go into pct. When that’s all said and done what will you be left with? If you’re lucky maybe a pound or two new, keepable muscle. Maybe. Compare that to 12 weeks of testosterone where you’ll have time to slowly gain strength, recover better, utilize every calorie better, and build actual muscle that you can keep longer term. At the end you still have the same pct protocol. You still have the same risks. But you get a lot more out of it.

I appreciate your guys’ input. I just want to experiment with steroids so I don’t really want to try testosterone just yet. Also, even if I did lose all my mass gains, would I still lose all my strength gains as wells?

Yes. Actually I would bet anybody here that you do worse than that. Your HPTA shutdown would take time to recover and your loss of gains will happen faster than that. So you would likely end up in a deficit from where you started.

I knew it’d be worth keeping in the notes on my phone. First cycle recommendation:

Week 1-10: Test Enanthate 500mg/week (pin 250mg twice weekly)
Week 11-12: nothing
Week 13-14: Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) 40mg/day
Week 15-16: Nolvadex 20mg/day

/takes deep breath


Seriously man. What provides the best risk-adjusted returns? The answer is testosterone and it’s not particularly close.


Wait, WHut?
You just want to experiment so your natural inclination is to choose a less safe compound (dBol) over a more safe one (test)?!
Are you just trolling, cause if you are you completely got me.

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Probably just scared of syringe_1f489

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Truth be told, I just don’t wanna pin myself just yet. Also, I only have access to dbol, not testosterone.

Knew it lol.
Common man you aren’t ready for it yet, just keep eating and training hard and revisit the idea again down the road when needles dont bother you as much.
It’s a do it properly or dont bother kinda thing.

Ok…but with insulin syringes it’s barely even a stick. Either way, stay away from dbol for a first cycle. As a matter of fact stay away from everything.

Bro steroids isnt like cocaine or ecstasy. You dont just dabble in it for a few weeks with whatever pills or powder your dealer has.

Go experiment with supplements from gnc

Your experimenting with steroids is gonna leave you like the guy who rubbed some shit on his nuts now cant get his dick hard

Alright a common theme here is that Dbol only will shut me down. On the chance that I do get shut down, is it possible for me to use testosterone and another pct to get my hormone levels? Reason I’m not stacking is because, like I said, I don’t have access to testosterone just yet but have Dbol and kinda wanna take it to see the effects of steroids on me.

It’s not a chance, it’s a guaranteed physiological response.

I don’t get what you mean. Can you clarify?

I don’t think steroids is something to “play” with. Doesn’t even look like you even have a long term goal for this course.
Just cause you have access to on dbol doesn’t mean you HAVE to take it.

So like, say i do get shut down. Can I run a cycle of test and pct to get back to normal?