First Steroid Cycle

Starting My first Cycle in two weeks, and this is what I’m planning to take.

Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/week from week 1-14.
arimidex(Anastrozole) After 3rd shot, 0.5mg every 48 hours from week 2-14.
1 shot of HCG 5000 iu, one week before PCT.
Week 1-2, Every day, Clomiphene 75 mg and 40 mg Nolvadex.
Week 3-4, Every day, Clomiphene 50 mg and 20 mg Nolvadex.

Please share your thoughts on it.

Looks a great starting cycle. 500mg test will produce good results if diet and training is on point. I’d keep the AI on hand, wouldn’t advise starting it unless absolutely necessary. I’d also spilt that 5000iu HCG shot up over the last 2-3 weeks before PCT. 5000iu in one shot is too much. Everything else looks fine. Good luck

Is there a reasons why you wouldn’t recommend me using AI like I mentioned?. I’m really scared of getting gyno again. I’ve had it since puberty and got it removed last year (best decision in my life). and I really can’t afford paying for another surgery.

You need to read this thread.

How old are you, what do you weigh, and what’s your body fat percentage?

Just something to think about, but I believe the rationale behind HCG on cycle is that, even at low doses, it keeps your balls working. So while 5000 at once might ‘restart’ your balls, if you just took small doses weekly they wont need a restart because they’d still be working. Something like 250iu twice a week for the last 10 weeks might be safer.

There are also a few knowledgeable people who would say that you definitely dont need both Nolva and Clomid.

That’s the way I used to run HCG but it made me very weepy and a bit like my wife at that time of the month lol. The less sides the better. I’m on TRT so don’t PCT anymore. Sometimes I’d cycle the HCG for 2-3 weeks to enlarge my ballsack, but that’s the only reason, the visual experience for my wife to see big balls. My case is different though to OP I’m 37 on TRT and done with kids.
For OP either like pinky saying 250iu twice weekly or go 500iu twice weekly last 2-3 weeks before PCT Is what worked best for me.

You are spot on with the PCT. Some guys admit to liking clomid but I personally hate it and always used nolvadex solo. Others swear the combo works. Clomid Can be very harsh for some folk

I’ve also had it since puberty and it got worse from a run of pro hormones I did as a dumb kid. It’s tolersble for me as long as I keep my body fat under 12%…

How long after ur surgery were u cleared to work out again.? It’s something I want to get done in the next year or two.

My doctor said I should be good to go to the gym 4 weeks after surgery, but I waited until the start of the sixth week because I would still feel an uncomfortable feeling in my chest whenever I trained.