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First Steroid Cycle

So, going to start my first cycle in the next couple of weeks hopefully. 19 going on 20, been training for 4/5 years, 3 years strict.

My cycle is set to look like 200mg test cyp first week, 400mg cyp second and third, weeks 4-9 500mg prop, and weeks 10-12 scaling back down with test cyp the way I started 400 x2, then 200mg.

The reason for scaling up and down is just bc I thought its better than jumping right in, ease the body in, same with tapering off at the end.

Will be running 50mg of var per day for the first 7 weeks aswell, and have PCT sorted for after.

Any opinions/ pointers will be appreciated, also how much tamoxifen to run while on cycle?


You could NOT lay this out in a worse way.
If you had spent ANY time researching you would know what everyone on here is going to say about your age but you didn’t even spend enough time reading to know you needed to lie about your age so people would actually comment on your cycle and not just your age. You included NO stats about your height or weight but then again since you don’t have an AI listed then fuck it who cares about any of that… Oh wait are you planning on transitioning?.. If you are I am absolutely sorry I said that and I sincerely respect you going and adjusting your outside to match your inside however your current approach to intentionally growing breasts and a fatty layer on your ass is a hit or miss situation. You would have better results using other compounds and using them under the supervision of a doctor. Of course if you do end up growing breasts your current setup all but guarantees they will be permanent so maybe your thought process is based off of not wanting to have to spend money recovering ground down the road. IDK.

Maybe if you only pin the test prop once a week at a really high dose then the estrogen will never get high enough to need a SERM or an AI…

Fuck! Could you really not find any dumber way to lay out this cycle?

Don’t worry I guarantee you starting a first cycle with VAR (one of the most expensive and MOST faked compounds ever in our world) that whomever sold it to you definitely did not take advantage of the fact that you having NO experience will not be able to tell the difference between winny or a diuretic.

I know from the post that I thought you might be wanting to transition but it just dawned on me that maybe you intentionally WANT to keep your underdeveloped 19 year old body for your entire adulthood but there are safer ways of looking like a 19 year old twink at age 30 and so on. Plus any guy into totally superficial traits is not someone you can build a life with so please rethink this if only for your health at age 40.

Best of luck.

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Weight is 198, 5’11, 12-15% bf. Believe me, I’ve spent plenty time researching, I chose anavar bc it’s relatively moderate w little sides, and again, most recommend 500mg per week for 10 weeks, but I heard it was best to taper on and off.

Like I said, I’ve got pct sorted, tamoxifen is a serm, which like I said, I’m planning to run on the cycle. And the reason for no Ai is because most sources I’ve read from say that it’s only necessary when estrogen is high/ needs controlled, and 500mg of test probably won’t cause much estrogen displacement compared to Pro bodybuilding levels.

Could have just given the pointers of why it’s so dumb, as you put it.

Um, Anavar isn’t Mild, it’s a potent anabolic that when I took at a mere 25mgs / day it shot up my BP into stage 2 hypertension, it also tends to destroy lipid profiles and gives painful pumps (at least it did for me)

Mg for mg, Anavar results in more LEAN tissue gain than testosterone (in my opinion).

To be fair… I think most old people would kill to look 19 again lol (I’m talking about facially ya know, when everyone goes grey and bald and they’re all like “I wish I was a teenager again” then I’m all like “no you don’t, being a teenager was/is a fucking nightmare, you get the typical teenage experience, chronic pain, hypogonadis-… Wait, you mean to tell me most teenagers don’t have these conditions?” but I can’t imagine adulthood is much better)

Well this was all useful info gents, really, I mean you could have just told me how and why I was going wrong but probs for @now_i_care for going in on me like that😂

The reason why people say to not take roids until you’re 21+ atleast is bc they think that your body is still developing the same rate it was when you were mid teens. Of course its still possible that it can mess anyone up, regardless of age, but considering I’m just under 2 years off 21, I honestly doubt it will rip me apart like people think it will, not only that but seen as I’ve been training well, and correctly for almost 4 years.

It can stunt your growth… If youre taking them when you’re 11-15, when you’re starting puberty, but when you’re 19, organs pretty much fully developed, and growth plates sealing, if not sealed already, it isn’t a bigger of a deal as some think. Yes there’s a higher risk, but there would be regardless of age.

Well you seem to know it all so why even post here? You’re not going to find anyone on this forum recommending you take AAS at 21. Wait til your 21? Please… wait until you’re 25. If you are going to do it anyway then KISS. 500mg/week long ester test with PCT planned out. Your scaling / tapering logic is a mess.

Finally, that was actually useful, cheers. Probably will wait then🤷🏻‍♀️

I really can not believe NO ONE commented on the thing that totally set me off in the first place …either I over estimated the members here or more likely no one who knows anything would bother even trying to comment on this absolutely backward layout.

You start and stop with a long ester while the middle and main portion of your cycle is short estered test prop! WTF!?!?!? Typically if you mix short and long esters in the same cycle it is something like start with long ester like cypionate while ALSO using test prop to kick the cycle into gear early. The other way which I happen to like and use, use a long ester like cypionate for the first and main part of the cycle then STOP the long ester and switch to a short ester like prop, that way once the short ester bottle is done you can roll right into your PCT.

You starting with cypionate then using prop for the main middle part of the cycle then going back to cypionate at the end is literally the ONLY time I have ever seen this kind of layout. I guess there is a chance that someone else has put this type of cycle layout on the internet but I have never seen it and I do a lot of reading. If no one else has laid out a cycle like this then you had to come up with it yourself, but what did you base it off of? You had to either completely missunderstand someone or had a series of typos that somehow typed the exact opposite of what you wanted to say.

Granted I did pop on this thread but I saw your age and it hit home. My stepson is a sophomore baseball player and freshman year his idiot friends were talking about steroids.

At 19 or 20 you are too young. At 25 you are still young. With how and what you wrote in regards to your short vs long ester timing and usage I can GUARANTEE you do not understand what you need to in order to cycle successfully and safely.

Spend the next few years learning how to effectively gain naturally so when you do pick up a bottle you won’t waist it.

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It just dawned on me where you came up with that layout and yes it totally says you don’t understand enough yet.

You have to be combining cycles and blast-and-cruise info. That 200 a week of a long ester at the beginning and end is what happens with guys on TRT or who blast and cruise. Cycles don’t do that. You jumbled two things together in your head, we all do it but if you don’t understand what you combined then you need to stop and think. What else didn’t you understand, what else did you combine from two totally different ways of using AAS?

I could go on and I kind of want to rant about your “estrogen displacement compared to pro bodybuilding levels.”