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First Steroid Cycle

Hello everyone. I have been reading this website for a while and finally decided its time to make an account.

I am 20 years old. I weigh at 185.5, kind of chubby. I have for a while been getting my test levels checked over the course of a year an half. My results were in order take : 315, 287, 330. Havent done a pro hormones or drugs that would effect my pituary gland. I think the reason for my low test would primary. For two years I have felt symptom’s of low test (brain fog, irritate, low libedo, tired, out of it, kinda depressed) but doctors are saying they are perfectly fine. My thyroid and blood values were all in order. My estradiol was 22. My diet is good but not great. No drug use very little alcohol. long story short I’m not building muscle or I am building it minimally. I don’t want to start trt as I don’t feel too crappy. I am interested in building muscle in my calves as they are really weak and I am unable to run(hardly walk, been like that for two years from a ice hockey injury). And due to my test levels I build muscle too slowly to make my calves stronger ( or at least due to my belief). I would also like to build a good amount muscle to what I already have I am looking to do a 2 month test prop and anavar cycle. I have researched a moderate amount but I am a newbie so please give advice. I need help with AI as I have pubertal gyno so I don’t want it flaring up too bad. I am booked for a surgery in 5 months so a little flare up should not be too bad. I have been lifting for 3 and a half years.

my cycle is planned as:
100 mg test prop EOD. weeks 1 - 8.
anavar 80 mg weeks 1 - 6
HCg weeks 2- 7 500 iu a week
AI - need help still confused.
pct is as follows: starting five days after last pin.
Novadex: 4 week, 40 40 20 20
Clomid: 3 week, 100 50 50

my stats are as:
height: 5’8
weight: 185.5 pounds
ethnicity: east indian
max bench: 255
Max squat: 315
max deadlift: 315

I am planning on trying to lose a little bit of bodyfat if possible and gain muscle at the same time. My expecations of this cycle is to mainly strengthen my ankles muscles and calves. Other gains will also be awesome! also trying to prevent a gyno flare up. I need help with an ai. I have heard a lot of ifferent protocols not sure which one would be the best for me. I don’t want to crash my estradiol.

Your lifts are decent, but I would DEFINITELY recommend being under 12% bodyfat for your first cycle. You will have much better results if you cut FIRST then run a cycle.

For every cycle I have ever ran, I only use 10mg nolva daily and up to 20mg nolva daily if I get light symptoms - and I have ran some heavy cycles.

Sure arimidex and such will work, but its overkill… you really don’t wanna push that estro too low. You should be absolutely fine with 10mg nolva daily, id almost guarantee it especially considering a beginners cycle isn’t very high dosages.

IF you do take my advice and decide to cut first to 10-12% bodyfat, then reward yourself with a cycle, you will thank me in the end I promise! Steroids just do not work the same at higher bodyfat and you will certainly be underwhelmed with the effects if ran at your current bf “kind of chubby” as you said, so I’m assuming over 15%.

I would skip the anavar, and try something like this…

Weeks 1-10 test prop 350mg/week
Weeks 1-10 masteron prop 350mg/week
weeks 1-10 nolva 10mg/day

Dose your HCG and PCT as somebody else knowledgeable advises…

Test masteron is a great first cycle for someone who wants to stay lean and hard, with some good CLEAN gains. You will do much better with this than with test/anavar. Anavar would be somethin better suited for someone more advanced to add who is already using a few compounds and doesn’t want to add another injectable. IF you have the option of mast or anavar, mast always takes the cake.

IF you are more focused on bulking, you could try this:

weeks 1-12/14 test E 400mg/week
weeks 1-12/14 EQ 600mg/week
weeks 1-12/14 Nolva 10mg/day

This will also keep you lean without MUCH bloat and give you a great clean bulk without the bloofines of shit like nandralone or high test.

PLEASE man, please please please cut to 12% or lower first, and you will be SO much happier!! If cutting to 12% or lower is too hard, then you ARENT READY For gear! Prove to yourself youre ready by running this short cut, it will probably only take you a month and will put you miles ahead of where you would be if you skip it!! I made the mistake of bulking on gear at 15% bodyfat and I truly regretted it!

Hey thanks for the reply. the reason I want to incorporate anavar is I have heard it helps with injuries. I used to be fit but due to my ankle I cant do that much cardio (even the stairmaster hurts). the primary goal is to strengthen my ankle so I can get back into cardio activities. I used to do muay thai and boxing which both require tremendous footwork. I’m trying to do more of a cutting cycle then a bulk. Still working on my meal plans and diet. You bring a good point of using nolva instead AI as I have read about that else where. Is it effective? I feel due to my pubertal gyno that I will be extremely gyno prone. is it possible I run nolva with an AI. or is that overkill. My gyno surgery is in about 7 months so I don’t want to live with excessive bit** tits for too long lol. I will read more about masteron to see if its a better fit for what I am going for.

Nolva will absolutely be sufficient bro, you are talking about very mild cycles here!
Get enough nolva for 20mg per day if you want to be extra safe, but i’d be willing to bet that 10mg a day would suffice.

Also, keep in mind that getting quality anavar is difficult, and most of the time people end up getting winstrol or a mix of winstrol and something else.

I really think masteron would be amazing for your cut in your position!

Masteron increases feelings of well being, it’s a decently effective anti estrogen, especially when using low doses of test, increases intensity in the gym, increases libido, increases strength a good bit (more than var IMO), increases libido MORE than test, Increases free testosterone by binding to SHGB, making your testosterone dose more effective, helps oxidize fats leading to fat loss, makes you VERY hard and dense looking, can give you a “Grainy” and “thin skinned” look that is very sought after, this usually comes when you have lo bf and are on masteron, increases vascularity, and gives small size gains!

Try and find another steroid with ALL THOSE positive benefits, and VERY FEW negatives! That being said, I’ve heard masteron CAN be nasty on the hair line, but ONLY if you are already prone to this! If you are already prone to this than MOST dht steroids will do this, and even for many who are prone a mere 350mg masteron is often still safe. Masteron is relatively mild in terms of health effects, and would be EXTREMELY mild if not for its prostate effects, which can be compared in terms of seriousness as not quite as serious as anavars lipid profile effects, to put it into perspective. I wouldn’t worry at all about masteron’s effects unless you have a serious pre existing prostate condition.

I hope this information helps you make your decision a well informed and beneficial one!!

You could always add both! I DO NOT think this would be overly excessive for you! I mean, I think ANY cycle is a bit excessive for you UNLESS you cut first, but once you are going to do a cycle, adding anavar to the test/mast isn’t a big deal as these are all mild steroids, and it will give you better results.
I would run it like this if you wanna run both.

weeks 1-10 Test prop 350mg/week
weeks 1-10 Masteron prop 350mg/week
weeks 1-2 Anavar 40mg/day
weeks 3-6 Anavar 60mg/day
weeks 7-10 Anavar 80mg/day
Nolva 10mg/day SHOULD NOT be necessary, but it is ALWAYS best to have it on hand!

YES it is okay to run anavar for 10 weeks! Oral toxicity is GREATLY exaggerated, and anavar is QUITE mild. Only real thing to worry about is cholesterol (Which gets fucked on pretty much anything), and lipid profiles, which WILL return to normal after cycle. MANY people run Var for a LOT longer than 10 weeks!!

Var for 10 weeks is still much more mild than say halotestin for 4-6 weeks.