First Steroid Cycle

Hello everyone,

as you can read from the title, i’m going for my first steriod cycle and i would like to hear from all of you if there’s anything wrong or could possibly go wrong with this and to correct it if possible.

basically my first cycle should be very simple and so i decided to use the following:

*Test Cypionate at 500mg/week split into two injections, 250mg on monday and 250mg on thursday.
*Masteron Enanthate 400mg/week again split into two injections, 200mg monday and 200mg thursday

both for a total of 8 weeks. if that’s not enough i might bump it into 10 or 12.

now i know some of you might wonder why i stacked Mast E in there. The number one reason i did that is because of it’s ability as an anti-estrogen as i’m REALLY REALLY worried about developing Gyno even though i may not be totally prone to that. And number two is again, because i can’t FIND an aromotase inhibitor (letro or arimidex) where i live. only SERM’s like nolva and clomid are available. and so Masteron is my only savior without a doubt, plus i could really get use of it’s other traits like hardening and shredding.

My current stats are:
21 years old, 6’1 (187cm), 245lbs (mesomorph/very large developed frame. about 18-20% bf), been training for 5 years non-stop.

My goal here with this very first cycle is to add the most possible amount of lean muscle mass through dieting and hard training.

If there’s anything i could correct or adjust in here please feel free to leave any comment for i would really appreciate every bit of help i get.

Thanks in advance :))


to be honest there is nothing wrong with your cycle. your dosing is accurate and it would work quite lovely. the only thing that is wrong is the reason for which you have chosen this stack. although masteron may have some anti-estrogenic effects, keep in mind that the claims are not necessarily proven, it still does not compare to am AI and should never be used as a replacement for an AI.

if your concern is Gyno, Nolvadex is the drug to address that. let me explain how i recommend using it. many people that include nolvadex on their cycle take way too much in my opinion. im prone to gyno myself and have to be mindful of what i take and what i eat during my cycles. nolvadex should be taken as needed. if you are prone to gyno like i am, you will not just wake up one day with breasts. thats just not how it works. you will have symptoms for some time as they develop.

the symptoms may be soreness and itchiness. once you feel the onset of the symptoms you should start taking nolvadex. the symptoms will clear within 3 days tops. continue your dosing for a week or two and discontinue. at that point check your diet. i have been able to control gyno through diet alone. do your research not just on forums like this that are loaded with broscience. go to real research. as far as taking masteron, you will not notice much of a gain using it. it always helps some but its best use is for calorie deficit diets when you are already lean and are trying to dry out for a contest. hope this helps… good luck!

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Sounds cool! but i would like to point out another reason why i chose Masteron. it’s because of it’s ability to give you that metabolic/libido boost and also to free more Test to be used.

And i would like to know a little more about Nolvadex dosing while on cycle if Gyno symptoms start happening… how much should i take everyday for one or two weeks?

and thanks again :))

i keep 25mg tabs of Nolvadex on standby and take one a day as needed. how i explained earlier.

some words of experience. as you take on this new journey, you will come across a lot of conflicting advice. some are conflicting because they are simply just wrong. others you will find that what works for them may not work for you. we are all chemically alike but not the same. therefore we may have different experiences using same dosing of same compounds. you will find yourself experimenting on yourself a lot. its ok, we all do it. just remember to measure twice and cut once. do your homework as you are and do it safely. i say, do your cycle as is. it should not hurt you in any way at those doses. assess how you feel. keep educating yoursel and adjust as needed. its how we all do it.

get big!!! :slight_smile:

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