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First Steroid Cycle


Hi, I’m 25 years old. I’ve been lifting 4-5 times a week for the past 9 years and feel like I’m at a good point to start my first cycle. What would be optimal for me to take? I’m new to the topic and as of right now my plan was to buy Test Cypionate and run that by itself the first time.


i’d start with a huge amount of research, both on here and other sites. Be careful what you buy and from whom. Mr. Law is always watching. Dont forget AIs or SERMS. Dont want gyno or limp dick . Just my $0.02


couldn’t agree more with “stud”… if you were wondering if a cyp only cycle would work, the answer is most definitely yes. it also works great as a base for more advanced stacks you will most likely get into later on if you stick to it. good luck in your journey…


Yes I would just start your first cycle off with test, and you’ll will be fine with just nolvedex for pct, your smart for just taking test for your first cycle, I see a lot of people post there first cycle they want to try and have 4 other chemicals stacked with test lol.