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First Steroid Cycle


Hi I am doing my first steroid cycle and I want to do the 2 weeks on 4 weeks off all year round cycle to get quicker recovery and minimize the side effects.

since the cycle is only 2 weeks long I will be using fast acting steroids such as test prop and dbol!! However i decided not to use dbol, because my last cycle 2 months ago was a methylated ph cycle and I want to give my liver some rest.

This is my plan:

Day before starting the cycle: 1mg arimidex ( after that arimidex will be taken at 0.5 mg ED until day 18)
day 1: Test prop front load at 250 mg
day 2 - 12: test prop at 100mg ED
day 13 and 14 nothing
day 15: 100mg of nolvadex
day 16-22: 60 mg of nolvadex
day 23-36: 40 mg of nolvadex

What do you think about my cycle?


Looks good. If you frontload the Nolva, and it is pharm grade, then you can continue with 20mg on days 16-36.


i thought with 100mg at day 15 i am already frontloading ?


Yes, that's what I'm saying. There is no need to continue with 60mg or 40mg.


alrite now i get you!! ok thats what i'll do then, 100 mg day 15 and then 20mg ED till day 36


Out of interest, what's your plan for the next few cycles after this? Different compounds?


Thinking of doing d-bol 50mg ED with 200mg of test prop EOD on my next 2 weeks cycle !! then getting closer to the summer as I want to cut down I will do test prop 200 mg eod and winny v at 50mg a day !!