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First Steroid Cycle


Age: 20
Lifting: 6 years
Weight gain: 130lbs - 230lbs
Height: 5 '11
Diet: 7 meals, 500g protein, 5000 cals

Asking for opinions on this cycle as my first:

week of
250mg amp 10mg tab 10mg tab 25mg tab

1 500mg/week 20mg/day
2 500mg/week 30mg/day
3 500mg/week 30mg/day 1 tab/day
4 750mg/week 40mg/day 1 tab/day
5 500mg/week 30mg/day 1 tab/day
6 500mg/week 30mg/day 1 tab/day
7 250mg/week
8 1 tab/day
9 1 tab/day
10 1 tab/day

Damn Biceps
Damn Biceps

Table didnt come out in the first post

TEST E (250mg amp)
week 1-3: 500mg/week
week 4: 750mg/week
week 5-6: 500mg/week
week 7: 250mg/week

DIANABOL (10mg tab)
week 1: 20mg/day
week 2-3: 30mg/day
week 4: 40mg/day
wek 5-6: 30mg/day

NOLVADEX (10mg tab)
week 6: 1 tab/day
week 8-10: 1 tab/day

PROVIRON (25mg tab)
weel 3-5: 1 tab/day


Why are you pyramiding doses?

Read the stickies please. There is one called READ BEFORE POSTING


WTF are you tapering up and down for?

Run 500mg/wk for 8-10 weeks, frontload it, and use the dbol at the end of the cycle before your PCT.

Also, 10mg/day of nolvadex isn't a proper PCT. Dose it at 40mg/day for two weeks, then 20mg/day for the next two weeks.

Provirion isn't a suitable AI, either.

I think you should go back and read the SERM and AI sticky.


ye i read the stickies.

from what i understand pyramiding gives you a chance to begin the cycle in steps and then ease of so as to help PCT. this was a cycle recommended to me, i thought the dbol and the test-e is too high and yes it shouldnt be pyramided. if this pyramid idea makes no sense i would love to get another opinion on it.


Thanks for the input, i agree, like BONZE said i dont agree with the pyramiding, i dont think i made it clear that someone recommended this cycle to me that i dont entirley trust which is why i am putting it in this forum for some better advice.

Again thanks for the advice.


500mg T + AI + PCT is a solid first cycle. I'd suggest an 8 week cycle, frontloaded. Add dbol if you'd like.

Do a search on frontloading.


so a better cycle would be:

week 1: 1000mg
week 2-8: 500mg

week 1-4: 20mg

combined with milk thistle and nolvadex - when is best to start and stop the nolv?

when reading up on front loading some said its better to front load with oral steroids such as dianabol, instead of doubling the dosage of test-e in week one, however most said double the dose of the test-e in week one. is it better to frontload with oral steroids or with the test-e?


There's a difference between frontloading and kickstarting. Frontloading is a larger first dose of an injectable steroid (usually a longer ester.) Kickstarting is taking a [fast acting] oral for the first few weeks while the longer estered injectable builds up to peak blood levels.

Frontload the test and use the dbol for the last 4 weeks leading up to PCT.


Thanks for making that clearer. As for the dbol, what effect does taking it the last 4 weeks compare to taking it the first 4 weeks? Are you suggesting that i dont kickstart while frontloading?


Yes. Test E will take a few weeks to build up in your system. If you frontload it, it will build up much quicker, but it still won't be instant. If you wait towards the end of your cycle, you will have the synergy between the test and dbol.

Also, since you need to wait two weeks after your last test E injection before you start your PCT, you can run dbol for those two weeks up until the day before you begin your PCT. This way you'll have a compound in your system while the test E gradually leaves your system.

Plus, dbol is a 'feel good' steroid and losing that feeling after the first four weeks of your cycle can be a psychological hit.


Ok, making sense to me now.. would this therefor be a better cycle:

week 1: 1000mg
week 2-8: 500mg

week 8-11: 20mg/day

week ?-11: 1 tab/day


As you can see im not sure when to start/stop the nolv and in my opinion my pct is not very good. Any suggestions here, and are the any changes to my diet (or tips) after i finish the cycle to help keep the gains in the future?


You didn't take my advice about using nolvadex as PCT in my original response, did you?

Read the SERM and AI sticky and you'll be able to correct your own "estrogen control" on cycle and your "PCT." (Which isn't actually a PCT.)


Okay re-read.

week 1: 1000mg
week 2-8: 500mg

week 8-11: 20mg/day

week 11-12: 40mg/day
week 13-14: 20mg/day

Would i need HCG or is that not needed for regaining test levels?


Should i also use Arimidex 0.5mg/day for the whole cycle?


what is your bf % 5'11 230 lean natural is very hard to do


i havent checked my body fat in a while but its around 16%. far from lean.


Thats not to far off. For my first cycle i ran test only 500mg/wk for 8 weeks had to stop early still gained around 10lbs and lost 3% body fat on a low cal diet. Im sure you could do the same. Its not so much the drug you use but how you train and diet that gets you cut on cycle


You'll want to use arimidex, yes. .5mg/day might be too much, though. You can figure out how much you'll need based on estrogen sides.

Plus, since dbol aromatizes into estrogen, you'll need/want more adex than when you're running the test alone, so keep that in mind when you find your sweet spot for the adex dose.


I was planning on doing a high calorie diet (clean bulk) at around 4000 cals a day and high carbs during the cycle, so that i can get as much weight out of the cycle as possible, then cutting afterwards. I would ideally like to be at 220lbs-225lbs at 8% body fat by the end of the cycle. Is this achievable and is that the correct diet to use to get my weight as high as possible before cutting? Or should i take the same approach as you by having a low carb diet to get to that weight?