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First Steroid Cycle Test E and Dbol 10 Weeks Question

Firstly I want to say it’s nice to meet everyone as I am new to this forum now for the questions. I ordered a cycle that consists of 500mg test e a week 200 10mg tabs of dbol which I will get to later and adex .5 mg tabs clomid and nolva… now I was wondering if I should take all the dbol at once I was going to do 40 days of dbol at 50 mg but everything I read says that’s a little high for a beginner and I wouldn’t need that much…

also stats 25 years old been lifting on and off for around 4 but I have been serious the last few months and plan to keep it that way also 175 pounds 5ft 10 and around 10-15% bodyfat I was just wondering the thoughts on the cycle and possibly the gains I could make on it any input is appreciated I know Alot about steroids by all the research I have done but obviously can’t say much when I haven’t done them myself so that’s why I came to the true experts not one like myself that has just read for countless hours and typed in everything possible in google Hahah so thanks to every that responds I’ll be waiting!


Now this is a serious question, not trying to be a dick here, but where the hell did you read that it was a good idea to stack nolva and clomid for PCT? 2-3 times a day someone comes on here having done some research elsewhere, and invariably they want to do clomid and nolva together. I just want to have a clue where the hell people are getting this info so I can go there and become the resident troll.

Nolva and clomid together are less effective than one or the other alone. In this case stacking is not better. Neither is taking high doses of one or the other.

For dbol, 30 for 30 is more than sufficient. You’ll want to do that at the beginning of your cycle so you can “feel” it right away while the test takes a few weeks to show pronounced effects.

What about hCG?

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Good luck with your first cycle, you must be pretty excited

I’d like to second Juggs here though by saying the Dbol sounds a little optimistic… At the end of the day health and well being have to count for something ; )

And since you have your diet on point you figure you’ll do a cycle to get swole? Lol.