First Steroid Cycle Please Review

Hey guys I’m 20 years old been training 2 and a half years and ordered my first cycle and wanted reviews and to see if I’m maybe missing anything any feedback positive or negative would be great

Weeks 1-6 20mg/day DBOL
Weeks 1-12 Test Enthate 500 mg a week
Week 13-15 take Nothing and let Test begin to clear out
Weeks 16-17 40mg/day novaldex
Weeks 18-19 20mg/day novaldex

Note: I planned on taking a liver support and milk thistle with DBOL any recommendations also how should I throw in Arimidex please revise THANKS!!!

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I read it and I don’t think I’m taking high dose in Serms I’d love input or clarification how would you personally edit it

KSman represents a new school approach where SERM dosing in PCT is lower than what people traditionally use.

Your dosing represents the old school dosing.

Which you choose to use, is up to yooooooouuuuuuuu…

poster is just 20 why juice? Also why the Dbol I think a test only cycle is best for a 1st cycle so you can test out how your body reacts… Save the stacking for future cycles Arnold