First Steroid Cycle, Need Help

Im planning to run my first cycle and would like some advice to make it as smooth as possible. This is the cycle:
Week 1-12
testosterone enanthate 250mg E3.5D
aromasin 12.5mg E3.5D
Nolvadex 20mg/day (only if puffy/sore nipples)

Week 8-10
500iu HCG 3x/week (E2D)

Week 11-13
250iu HCG 3x/week (E2D)

Week 14-16 (PCT)
Nolvadex 40mg/D

Week 17-19 (PCT)
Nolvadex 20mg/D

Does this cycle look ok? Any advice? If money is not an issue is this the optimal PCT i can do?
While im on my cycle is it ok to take the testosterone, aromasin and the HCG all the same time of day?
When I take my first injection should I start with the aromasin the same day?
My last question is about the HCG. I will start taking it during the last 5 weeks of my cycle. I will continue taking it for one week when im off the testosterone and then i will begin my PCT. does this sound correct?
Thank you!

You don’t need to run Nolva during your cycle. If your AI dosage is good then you won’t encounter any gyno issues (unless you had gyno as a kid and are hugely susceptible to it).

You didn’t give any of the information that most of us would like to see before commenting any further.

Body fat
Lifting experience
Diet now vs diet on cycle

Hey thanks for replying
Age - 27
Height/weight - 6’3/200lb
Body fat - Somewhere around 15%
Lifting experience - Been lifting for around 2.5 years. B/S/D - 255/345/430 (tested around 3 months ago should be higher now)
Goals - A more aesthetic physique and bigger lifts.
Diet now vs diet on cycle - I’ve been cutting for the last few months eating around 3k calories. I plan to up my calories to 3.5-4k while on the cycle.
Anything else I can provide?
As for the AI dosage do you think that 25mg/week is enough or would you need blood work to give an answer? Never had gyno issues but from what i’ve understood from reading online the nolva can be used along with higher AI dosage if i start developing gyno.
Thank you for your help!

I’m starting to think Iron and I have either the exact same knowledge base or I have a split personality and I don’t remember commenting as Iron.

Exactly what he said, you shouldn’t need the Nolvadex on cycle. If you have any issues then the preferred method is to increase the AI.

Will 25mgs of aromasin a week be enough for 500 mgs of test? There is a few things to think about. First is your aromasin actually aromasin from a pharmacy or is it UGL? Some UGLs are just about as good as pharmacy but most are not. We are not allowed to talk about sources here. I know with my brand of test and aromasin I would be at 12.5 mgs EOD at 500 mgs a week. But my aromasin might only really be 20 mgs a tablet not 25 mgs and my test might only be 200 mgs a cc not 250 or it could be 313mgs a cc.

What I would recommend is starting the aromasin with your test shots, you could maybe wait a few days but not more than a week. Start with your proposed dosage but know you will probably have to increase it. Things you need to know are signs of high estrogen and signs of low estrogen. Also as long as you have a steady consistent dosage schedule with your test the enanthate ester will not be steadily released from the ester until about 5 half life’s or give or take 5-6 weeks. Basically the release rate will continue to increase until 5-6 weeks. Everyone is a little different, the muscle you inject into also effects it and so does the oil the hormone is suspended in.

When you start your HCG it will also effect your aromatizing. You will probably need more AI when you start the HCG. The only time I have ever felt like I NEEDED Nolvadex on cycle was when I had a test and EQ cycle that I added HCG to at the end. I might have been able to get in control with an AI but I had a M&M sized lump under my nipple and I just didn’t want to risk the time it took to dial in my AI.

With how I think you laid out your cycle and HCG usage I just want to make sure this is what you are saying. After you LAST shot of test you are waiting two entire weeks to start PCT and during those two weeks you are still using HCG. As in week 12 is you last shot then weeks 13 and 14 you are still using HCG and at the beginning of week 15 no more HCG and PCT begins.

As far as taking all your stuff at the same time, I don’t think it is bad. Me personally I take my shots whatever they are after my night time shower. I am clean and relaxed. When I have to rotate shot sites I time everything so I don’t have to inject into a muscle I just worked out that day or the day before. I take my AI at night time for no other reason than it’s the time I do it.

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This was really useful thank you so much!