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First Steroid Cycle Need Advice


First off , I'm new on this site , second , after bulking from 155 to 205 in 4 years I think I'm ready for a boost.
I was thinking of trying a test e only cycle and the next two cycles after that maybe test e and deca. I'm planning on starting my first cycle

In February after I knock up my gf she needs clomid to conceive ahem anyway my goal is to get to 280lbs with 10% bf , could only test make this possible??
My cals and proteins will be aroud 6000C 300P I don't know much about diet but anyways

Best pct?? What to take exc..
How to keep most of my gains
Clomid while I'm on cycle.

If ya have any tips advice on diet and steroids to try then let me know.
I make 6 figures so money and budget is not an issue thanks guys!!!


280 at 10% is pro level. Test only will most likely not get you there. Even at a gram plus a week. Especially not in one cycle. Just being honest. I know its you first cycle but your talking some extremely impressive gains and with that your gonna need some good drugs but obviously your talking about going some where here. I would suggest...

Weeks 1-4
Test E 750 weekly
Test P 50mg Daily
Winny 50mg Daily

Weeks 5-12
Test E 750

Weeks As long as possible
2-3 iu HGH Daily

This is relatively advanced but with very basic easy to control side effect drugs. Will push you much closer to your goals than a standard test only beginner cycle.

Pick up extra Nolva and a AI on hand


Thanks buddy. I'll get all of that , I like the straight forward answer!!


No problem man be sure to take some before and afters the difference in 3 months time is going to be absolutely awesome.


30 yrs old Male
205 lbs
13-15% BF
3 yrs serious experience
3500 cal/day Macros P=65% C=25% F=10%
Goal: Earn a pro-Card in the next 3-5 years

Gear on hand:
7,500 mg Test E.
100 tabs 10 mg Dbol
11,000 iu HCG
100 tabs 20 mg Nolva

Planned cycle (SUGGESTIONS?!!!)
1-5 Dbol 10mg 3xd
1-12 Test E. 300mg E3D
3-12 HCG 3xW
1-12 Nolva 20mg/D symptoms dependent

13-14 OFF
15 Nolva 20mg 2xd
16-17 Nolva 20mg/D
15-16 Test E. 50mg E3D
17-18 Test E. 40mg E3D
19-20 Test E. 30mg E3D
21-22 Test E. 20mg E3D
23-24 Test E. 10mg E3D

To compete in my first NPC show in the spring.

Please give me your reviews and advice. I have read all the stickies, but I want one last review. Appreciate everything!


Kinda rude to just hijack some one else thread. But in a quick answer cycle looks fine.


Why rip others for not doing research and laziness in one thread and lay out a nice little plan in another. I don't see the difference. I'm not judging, just curious.


His plan was thought out he had a pretty basic idea. In 4 years he has added 40+ pounds of natural quality lean mass. This speaks to me that he is dialed in and has his shit figured out. I was telling him that the plan he had would not get him to his goal of 280lbs. Then offered advice to help him get closer.

The other poster was already on his second cycle no where near as lean and was well underdeveloped. Also had no understanding of how the drugs worked. Then was mad when no one answered him. Although as I said to him I apologized for being a dick head and after the situation was reworded he got the answer and advice he needed.


Sorry did not wanted to hijack the info, I just read and research all the forums. I want to keep my first cycle very basic following what you guys explained but was not sure if the length of the cycle would have negative effects. I wanted validation from experienced athletes. I appreciate your time, I can finally start.