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First Steroid Cycle Log

Appreciate it. Thank you

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Bravo Readalot!
All life decisions should include a risk/benefit analysis regardless if can be made at the speed of thought or take 6 months or more.

Example: I need to go to the grocery store.
Risk/Benefit Analysis:

  • Is it raining? Can I wait until it stops to avoid driving on more dangerous streets?

  • Will it be rush-hour during any of my travel? Can I wait until after rush-hour, where driving is more dangerous and more difficult?

  • Is it dark outside? Can it wait until tomorrow?

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Hey man. 600 mgs a week should give you some pretty good results.
What’s the goal of the cycle? Size or strength?
What’s your training split?

Thanks man. My split is an upper/lower/rest/repeat. My goal is a mix of strength and size to be fair with a slight preference to size

Yesterday’s calories : 4034
Today’s weight : 192.4lbs
Yesterday’s workout :
Bench press 2x4 @ 202lbs
1x3 @ 202lbs
Guillotine press 3x6 @ 162lbs
Pull ups 1x7 + 15lbs
2x6 + 15lbs
One arm dumbbell row 2x9 @ 110lbs
1x7 @ 110lbs
Dumbbell concentration curl 1x9 @ 36lbs
1x8 @ 36lbs
1x4 @ 42lbs
Dumbell tricep extensions (one arm) 1x10 @ 36lbs
1x8 @ 36lbs
1x6 @ 42lbs


Cool. Well, since your original post said you’re willing to take on advice, here’s some food for thought……

Your current training split has you training your whole body only twice every six days, and has half your work done with dumbbells. At your level of strength/development, and especially with 600mgs of Test in you, you would probably benefit from more frequent training like full body on M/W/F, and a greater percentage of your training session focused on moving a heavy barbell around. Save the dumbbell shit until you can bench 1.5 x BW, squat 2 x BW etc, deadlift 2.5 x BW, etc.

Just want you to get the most out of this first cycle. You gotta do what you enjoy, though.

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I think you got some good advice from @Professor_Hulk

I’ll do a critique of your workout.

3 sets and 11 total reps isn’t going to cut it here. I assume the 1x3 is because you couldn’t do a 4th rep. Don’t start your cycle missing reps. You aren’t peaking for a powerlifting meet.

How about this:
5x8 at about 170 to start. Increase this each week. You can change sets, reps, weight (among other things). Just progress when you can, but don’t go all out from the start. If you want to go all out do an AMRAP (as many reps as possible on your last set).

Doing just this has brought your bench reps up by 30 reps assuming you get more than 8 on the last set.

I had to look this up. This looks pretty brutal on the shoulders. Do a narrow grip bench instead (move in about one hand width). Start with about 3X8 with about 150-155.

Pullups should be done with a couple reps in the tank. Just do body weight for sets of 7-8, and increase the amount of sets you do. I would start with 5 sets. Again if you want to push them do an AMRAP on the last set. Might be worth thinking about mixing in chin ups every other.

Not terrible here. I think you would probably get more bang for the buck with a bent over row. Those will hit you hamstrings, and lower back too. Up to you. One arm rows have their place.

Sets of 4 are getting a bit heavy with an isolation exercise. I would lower your weights a bit. It’s fun to lift heavy, but I would be a bit more moderate with weight to get more work done.


I see no mention of your PCT here? What is your plan? No mention of an AI. If this is your first cycle you should have one on hand as you have no idea how that amount of test will react in your body? Do you have an AI on hand?
All this stuff is part of the cycle not just the test. Hope you did some research and are prepared.

Thanks for the replies again. I’ve took on board what you’ve said and I’ve simplified my routine to a full body eod to increase frequency. I’ve basically took a stronglifts format and tweaked it a bit. I’ve swapped 1x5 deadlifts for 3x8 Romanian deadlifts and I’ve added a vertical pull which has eliminated the fluff work.

Workout a
Squats 5x5
Bench press 5x5
Rows 5x5
Pull ups (2 sets)

Workout b
Squats 5x5
Overhead press 5x5
Romanian deadlifts 3x8
Chin ups (2 sets )


I’ve got arimidex for my ai and nolva and clomid for my PCT

Yesterday’s calories : 4020
Today’s workout
Squats 5x5 @ 232lbs
Overhead press 5x5 @ 128lbs
Romanian deadlift 3x8 @ 232lbs
Chin ups - 2 sets of 8 (focus on form. Slow negative all the way down)


" I agree I could definitely get more out of training naturally but I’m wanting to give it a go and once I get something in my head, I have to do it lol"

Instead, get it in your head that you wanna become a billioner. You will achieve better results with that, than with what you’re up to. I am surprised some people are encouraging you. You are still very new to training. You don’t look like you lift. You’re not even training, you are exercising. The weights you lift, the way you log, the way you describe your lifts etc. I have seen dozens, if not hundreds of “yous” in my life. I can guarantee you one thing. You will not keep a single ounce of muscle. Stop now before you need PCT.

“Like I said. I will update the thread and I will see it through to the end and you can judge me by the results at the end.”
You should post photos about 3-6 months after what you think is the “end”.

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Whenever we see someone on here who’s maybe not ready for AAS, but has already made up their mind that they are gonna do AAS anyway we have three choices:

  1. Ignore them and keep our mouth shut.

  2. Insult them and discourage them.

  3. Try to help them get the most out of their cycle.

I am surprised some people chose #2 of the three.


No, you are not surprised. It’s an AAS forum and I doubt you’re new to the forum or steroids. In this case there is no ‘maybe’ in ‘maybe not ready for AAS’.
But you’re right. Your option 1. is good.

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Awesome! I think you will see much better results than with your original setup. As long as you stay in a caloric surplus, nap and sleep a lot, you should progress nicely for a good while. Keep us posted.

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I appreciate the support. Thank you

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I am with @Andedonia on this one…
The dude cant even plan a basic training split but he is thinking about steroids… He deserves to be beaten by his parents, lol :smiley:

Why was the one guy weaker and smaller? Was it lack of consistency? Genetics?

This is an intriguing story. Tell me more!

How much were you deadlifting/squatting? What was considered toe to toe?

How tall are you, how much did you weigh?

Why were they only using test susp 4-5x/wk? They’d feel like shit for 2-3 days out of the week…

Thanks for your questions and the discussion over the years. Truly remarkable the level of deep dive you provide on here. I’m taking a break for a number of reasons.

@carlbm just to let you know I spent 20 min providing what I thought was a thoughtful response to your previous comments. Unfortunately it was deleted from the system and I’m not spending another minute writing on here with the risk of it just getting deleted.

Take care everyone and I wish you Health.


Common sense should’ve indicated that when you get suspended for commenting in a specific thread about a specific topic, making your first post-suspension comment in that same thread about that same topic isn’t the brightest idea.

If you decide to to take a break from the forum, go ahead. If you decide to continue posting productively like you’d been before this whole conniption, go ahead.

In any case, this thread/log should not be hijacked further.