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First Steroid Cycle Log

So I’m 28 years old. 6 foot 2 and going to run My first ever steroid cycle. I thought I would log the whole cycle here for others to see who are thinking of doing a cycle. I’ve got test e 300mg and will be using 2ml a week so 600mg in total. Looking to run it for a total of 16 weeks. I’ve been training for about 18 months from a skinny fat 170lbs and and want to try a cycle.

Current stats : 194lbs
Starting calories : 4000 calories
Gear being used : 600mg test e a week

Starting physique

Willing to take on board any advice you all have and I will try to be as thorough as I can with my log

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I’d prefer a person starting AAS’s after a few years weight training to get all you can naturally.
What are you best lifts (Weight and number of reps you can do. Maximum single rep will also do)?

I’m a libertarian, so what you put into your body is your choice, and I totally believe in your right to make that choice.

With that said, I don’t think you are in a good place to start using AAS. From the looks of your pics AND your own word choice (18 months of training) you aren’t nearly developed enough to really need AAS. And, with risk mitigation in mind, I would recommend against you starting a cycle since you still have so much to be gained naturally.

This might come across as mean, but that is not my intent. You are not big, or lean. Maybe you’re strong, but I cannot tell that from your photos. And unless you just have the world’s worst genetics (which I highly doubt) you still have so much natural potential that you should easily be able to maximize. Usually this comes down to diet, sleep, and training optimization. All of the drugs in the world won’t help you or give you long lasting effects if you cannot figure out the other 3 items I listed.

Either way, good luck with your endeavor

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How many calories were you eating before you started your cycle?

Hi bud. Yes I know the sensible thing to do would be to hold off on AAS but I’m at a place mentally where I’m wanting to give it a go. Just done my first pin today actually. Numbers aren’t great but alot better than they were 18 months ago. I’ll give you a rough idea of my lifts

Bench : 202lbs x 6
Pull ups : 12
Squats : 268lbs x 8
Dumbell rows : 110lb per arm x9
Barbell good mornings 264lb x 10
Overhead press 128 x 7

Appreciate the kind words. I agree I could definitely get more out of training naturally but I’m wanting to give it a go and once I get something in my head, I have to do it lol

That is disproportionately strong considering your squat and lack of deadlift note.

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4000 calories puts me at a 500 surplus per day so should have me gaining 1lb per week. I was eating 3750 and putting on about half a lb a week but I’ll adjust if needed

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It’s the one exercise I’ve always questioned my form on. Could definitely be worth a form check as part of my log

I get your feel of urgency.

IMO, you should start AAS’s after you have reached the plateau of your natural capabilities. Then you are remarkably avail to further progress. Start out at low dosage. You need somewhere to go when you hit the next plateau


The issue with this or saying like this, is that most think they reach their plateau much earlier than they should. I thought I had reached it after 2 years of training. I went on to add 200 lbs to the squat, 150 lbs to the deadlift, and about 75 lbs to the bench after that point. Also about 10-15 lbs of muscle after that point.


I sure should have mentioned that “your plateau” means after 3, or so years of trying difference training strategies, protein intake adjustments, calorie adjustments, etc. to overcome the plateaus, then, and only then, do you evaluate a risk/benefit analysis for adding AAS’s to your training regime. And begin slowly. Remember you are in this for the long haul.


Whoa. There’s a risk with AAS?

Kudos @RT_Nomad. Here here!

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I appreciate the replies in this thread from everyone but will all due respect this thread was more to do with logging my first cycle and taking on board advice people have to maximise the cycle rather than wether I should do the cycle. My mind was already made up on that and I accept the risks of this. I’ll be doing everything I can to get the best out of this cycle by being spot on with my nutrition and pushing the workouts hard

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yea, its exactlyt the same thing… you just dont want to hear the truth… your best cycle is to learn to train and eat right to gain the most natty, and then - be able to actually gain from a cycle.

we have 1000s of threads like this that start as a log, and just die off because… well because people think they will be able to post cool progress pics and show everyone how good they are doing but they NEVER post anything after that, because they are too afraid to hear the truth, just like you dont want to hear it now about how you lack experience to even think about AAS.

right now you will start your cycle because you dont care for training, you just think you will gain good amounts of muscle and “show everyone”… but trust me - with this attitude you will be done with your cycle in what will seem like a flash to you, and you will see that there is nothing to show off so you wont even update this thread and just fade away like 1000s of people before. Not listening to what the guys told you is the biggest mistake you can make… The guys here really know what they are talking about and i just dont see a point to ask for advice if you are dead set to ignore it.
Also the idea that you just wanna do a cycle just to do a cycle, not because you have to, is moronic, but thats a whole different topic.

how will you do that if you havent done it so far? :slight_smile:


100% spot on. OP, you have zero (I mean zero) business doing what you are doing/planning with this cycle. It’s a somewhat free country/world and if you are dead set on it then have at it. The reward/risk balance here is completely upside down from what you’ve shared so far.

Cancel the shots and measure TT after 8 weeks. Do you have baseline labs for comparison?

When I was young a technique that worked for me was to find AAS users to train with (even though I didn’t use). One dude was strong and built; the other weak and small (they both were injecting 50-100 mg of water-based T suspension) before workouts 4-5 times per week. They would throw in some nandrolone occasionally.

The small and weak dude reminds me of your pictures (not being mean, just being realistic). Your lifts are similar to what his were. Initially I just couldn’t believe the physique difference between these guys (they were taking the same drugs, same dose, etc).

Within 2 years I had closed the gap lifting wise between me and the jacked dude. No I couldn’t bench what he did since he genetically just had the advantage on the bench (shoulders, leverage, blah blah). He still looked better (genetics, bone structure). But I was going toe to toe with him on squat and deadlift and ancilliary lifts. It came down to training and diet plan. The other guy just wouldn’t put in the effort on the training or diet.

Note: I did this on an estimated TT level of ~400 ng/dl.

Go find some people who know how to eat and train then put in the work without the AAS. What’s your baseline TT level? Or should I say what was it? Come back and report in 2-3 years.

Like I said. I will update the thread and I will see it through to the end and you can judge me by the results at the end. I’m not here to argue, I’m just here to do a log and hey even if it doesnt go well as a few of you think then atleast this log can be here as a lesson to others but I know I’ve got a good work ethic and I know about nutrition so I’m positive it will be a good one

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I see I’m pissing in the ocean again. Not one answer to my questions above. Did you do bloodwork before starting the cycle to know where you were so you can gauge recovery later?

rooting for you to get the results you’re after.

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