First Steroid Bulking Cycle

Hi everyone, the names Luren.

Quick background. Been gyming for the past 6 years, when I started I weighed 52kg and height 1.79m tall. I started training At gym with my buddies and have taken it very seriously the past 3 years, supplementing with mass gainer proteins and creatine mostly. To date, I have gained 21 kgs.

for the past year though, I have been struggling to make any further shattering progress and am looking to start a bulking steroid cycle. I have, this past year tried an anavar only cycle which helped to lose some body fat but not much else. I used 50mg ED for 7 weeks. And nolva pct for 3 weeks.

I have been researching cycles and stacks and specific steroids and side effects and PCTS for the past year as well but I would like some direct advise as I have not asked yet. I also do not want to influence anyone and would like honest feedback.

Here’s some of my stats:
age: 25
weight: 73kgs
height: 1.79m

body fat: 12%
Arm: 34cm
waist: 77cm
thigh: 47cm
chest: 103cm

I have a nutritionist I have been seeing for the past couple of months and have a strict diet i follow which helped me drop from 19% to 12% body fat.
Pits basically 7 meals a day, 4000 calories everyday, mostly whey protein, chicken low of vegetables, sweet potato, tuna, eggs, oats, almonds, flaxseed oil, low gi brown bread, cottage cheese and then my post workout massgainer shake

Local whey protein
Universal real gains
Glutamine powder

My training is 5 days a week atleast for about 1.5 hours and mostly free weights. I’m always upping my weight and after a while I try to change things up as well as taking a few breaks for my body to recover, after a few months.

your advise and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you need me to provide further information, just ask.

I appreciate the fact that this is a post written by a 25 yo man, rather than the continuous brainless crap posted by teenagers on here.

Either way, you need to grow and it seems like you understand a fair amount about dieting, not so sure about the training. Surprisingly it seems like your nutritionist gave you a healthy diet over 2000 calories… your current 4000 may still be a little low if you’re trying to get the typical unreal gains from your cycle.

I’m currently on Test C + EQ (600/600) and it’s great, great for bulking and simple enough for a first cycle. A lot of guys will say try just Test the first time, so if you’re more comfortable with that go for it.

Good luck

^^ look into a test 10-12 week test cycle and even add some dbol in the beginning, that’s a good start

Didn’t even propose a cycle. GREAT START HERE.

Test and D-bol maybe or even Deca and d-bol. I think 7- 10 weeks max. Do your research and when on a bulk add more calories. 500 more should be fine but 750+ wont hurt. You will gain some fat and water whilst on a cycle.