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First Squat Nose Bleed


Hit my best ever triple today 510x3. At the top of the last rep felt a small pop and blood started trickling down. I guess I’m going to lower my intensity a bit. But do I have to worry about this happening again if I pull 525 for max reps tomorrow or should I me good unless I blow another blood vessel?

On a side note I wasn’t squatting 700+ so even though I’m proud of it, I didn’t earn it and sucked that shit back up


If you have accomplished it, then you have deserved it

My guess is, its going to bleed again


I may push hard again and see what happens. deadlift is a different type of strain on my body so I think I’ll be good there. And see on saturday how it goes. I really want to push for 565x1 before the end of june


Blood has tog o somewhere due to internal pressure. It’ll find an out. Mine’s usually through my whole face.

Like an auto-erotic asphyxiation accident.

There’s a patch on my face that after heavy lifts I bet if I stick with a pin it would bleed for days.


I wouldn’t worry unless it’s coming from your eyes or ears.


So I Shouldnt have a problem with it constantly bleeding if I squat heavy still. Next heavy squat day is Saturday going 535x2


It happens some people are just more subsetiable to it. I think you’re just straining hard enough your capalaires are bursting


one time i burst my capalaires while sneezing it didn’t stop for a whole week, it depends

it gives you +100 points badass, win-win


It was pretty awesome. Good news though is it didn’t happen on my deadlifts today with a top set of 525x10


The only nosebleed I got in the gym was warming up with the bar for snatches… bar slammed into my nose… blood started running out… it wasn’t pretty…

But… um… blood, sweat and tears in the gym, oh yeah!!!

I’m sorry… carry on with your awesome… I’ll take my fail elsewhere :frowning:



:joy: :joy: :joy:

damn dude