First Solo Cycle Help

So in college I lived with a bodybuilder and he micromanaged and helped administer the two cycles I did. I learned a lot but was more of his training partner and test dummy (pun intended)…All that being said, I am looking to do a cycle that focuses on strength gains, cutting down, and overall aesthetic improvement.

Since I was immature and stupid I never wrote down the exact details of what I did, so my “idea” of a good cycle is much more of me looking for advice and exact details of what I should do. My Idea is as follows:
Tren Ace- Week 1-8
Test Prop- Week 1-8
Winnie-Week 2-6

Any and all advice is HIGHLY Appreciated from dosage amounts, to new ideas to anything that will help me create the perfect cycle

250 (15-18% body fat)

Training Split:
Day 1: Chest, Tri, Abs
Day 2: Back, Bi, Forearms
Day 3: Legs, Cleans, Deadlifts
Rest Day
Day 4: Shoulders, Upper Back
Day 5: Arms, Abs, Some Chest and Back

You have no idea what you’re doing. You need to do a LOT more research before you kill yourself.

start here:

Then, spend weeks reading threads on T-Nation.

If, after all that, you still have questions, read more.

Good luck.