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First solid meal after Surge...

Just curious as to what you guys like as your first meal after Surge. I finish working out and drinking my Surge right when I start my shift (i work in a gym) and I try to just cram something down my throat an hour later because I’m usually pretty busy. I don’t really have to time to sit down and have a meal. I know you guys probably don’t eat the same thing all the time, but what’re your fav. carbs?

good question. i usually have oatmeal with raisins and fat free cottage cheese. also maybe a banana or some canned pineapple. you might wanna use another protein source too though because cottage cheese is mostly casein and is slower absorbing. i don’t know if that would make a difference or not, but i would think it would be better to use something that gets absorbed a little quicker. i think i’m going to start adding a scoop of advanced protein to my oatmeal.

If I’m training in the morning, oatmeal with chocolate whey protein powder stirred in, plus some cottage cheese. If I’m training later in the day, eye of round steak, 1/2 yam, and a large spinach salad covered in Tabasco.

1 cup(dry) of noodles and a can of tuna. yummy.

Almost the same as Nic, it is just that I form my oatmeal and some wheat bran in a pancake and use cottage cheese and raisins as a topping. I do not use Surge but do use postworkout.

Depends on bulking or cutting phase. Bulking, my meal of choice is fat-free cottage cheese w. 1/2 scoop AP and either strawberries or blueberries and a serving of Splenda, and a couple servings of Back to Nature Apple Cinnamon granola…WOW!!! Cutting, the same thing except I 86 the granola and use a tbsp. of Udo’s. Another good one for bulking is a serving of oats, 2 scoops AP (vanilla), a banana, splenda, maple extract, cinnamon and five sprays of calorie-free butter spray. Awesome stuff!